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3rd Feb 2015, 01:41
I don't understand why any of the damage you do after death does not count toward your overall damage score.
*For example:
As a deceiver, lets say I go into an enemy crowd of 4 players all nicely paced together and use my infect ability. It lands and immediately causes 205 damage while at the same time infecting the other players. Now aside from the initial 205 damage that the ability causes upon impact it will also cause 50 damage every one second for four seconds. If I die right after landing the infect ability I will have recorded only the 205 damage on my overall score yet on the 'death screen' I will be witnessing the infect spreading to other players and just simply pressing tab I can watch all four enemy players' health go down due to the DoT that infect causes. That's a (maximum) of 800 damage (if the other 3 get infected immediately) that I caused but yet don't get credited for...... why? If the infect DoT killed one of them I get credit for the kill or if a teammate killed one of them that got damaged by my infect I get credit for the assist....... just not the damage I caused after my death.
*Another Example: (All the scouts who use traps know this one :D)
As a scout with the trap ability I booby trap one of my recently fallen comrades' bodies and seconds later get mauled by 3 enemy players, one of them eats me and the other two make a mad dash to the now booby trapped body to heal up.....:lmao:BOOM... I get the 'after-death dirty double' kill :rasp: but yet I do not get credit for the damage done.

The whole after death damage is nothing substantial to take away from this amazing LoK game but it is one of the things I wonder about a lot while in-game, is it intentional or something?

3rd Feb 2015, 03:25
Betcha one internet cookie it's a bug

3rd Feb 2015, 05:25
Yeah it doesn't really make sense. You can score after-death kills and assists and even earn experience for those, but damage doesn't count. A small quality-of-life improvement that I hope developers will have time for eventually, after they're done with everything else that's a priority.

3rd Feb 2015, 15:31
It's a known bug that's been there since Alpha. The devs know, it's just lower priority honestly, it's always bugged the crap out of me (no pun intended.)