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3rd Feb 2015, 01:15
Hello there. This is my first time ever posting on a game forum, which should say a lot about how much I love this game. I think its fun and unique, with so much time and effort put into the presentation and game, making a really great-looking game with a great gothic style and balanced assymetrical multiplayer. Iss frikin' sweet.

Anyways, back on topic, I think that the humans have too little close-quarter combat power. I realize that the vampire are supposed to have the advantage in close quarters, but things seem a bit too unbalanced. Half the time, when a human has high health, they can easily shoot a vampire's face apart while it tries to melee them to death. However, things get too hectic with the vampires constant staggers, disables and melee speed.

Here are my main problems:
- Out of all the human characters, there are only 2 disabling abilities, as far as I can tell. The hunter's and the prophet's. The vampires, however, each have multiple disabling and staggering abilities, which makes close quarters unbalanced. A tyrant can use its charge, slam and a single melee attack and the human victim will be below half health from full without being able to shoot or move because of the staggers, and I think when one character can take half the health of another without any risk, then there's imbalance.
- At low healths, the melee becomes way too overpowered. A human at low health cannot just start blasting at a vampire that decides to engage in cqc, and the speed of the vampires melees (Reavers at least, not sure about other classes) can constantly hit a running opponent no matter what they do. Basically, this means that at low health, you are dead. Period. I have both been the victim and perpetrator of incidents when, as a Reaver, a vampire jumps in the middle of all four enemies alone, swipes at one while getting attacked from all sides, and gets a kill while retaining half health. If the victim had any sort of escape mechanism, this method would be suicide for the vampire, but instead, any human at less that 25% health is as good as dead once a vamp gets his eyes on him.

To counter these issues, I believe that the melee of the humans should be changed. Currently, it is always a better option to use ranges anyways, as melee for humans is much weaker and less accurate than vampires, so little would be lost if any changes done became an issue.

The change that I suggest is that the melees for humans stagger their targets, but be slower than vampire melee. This would allow humans under attack at least a little breathing room, not taking away the advantage that vampires have in melee, but giving humans a small chance in melee situations rather than no chance at all.

The stagger would mean that vampires with hard hitting powers like Reaver's Pounce and Tyrant's Charge would have to space properly, not letting them just attack at point-blank range and dealing tons of damage with no risk. Also, vampires would have to think carefully about attacking a group alone, because the stagger leaves them wide open for other humans to attack them. This will encourage group attacks and teamwork.

The "slowness" of the melee would mean that it has a short animation, but a longer cooldown. For example, the attack itself takes 50 milliseconds, but the time it takes for the character to be able to attack again is 150 milliseconds. This would keep humans from spamming their melee, because vampires would be able to get in 2-3 attacks between each melee. Shooting should also be disabled for the melee's cooldown, meanind that humans would have to aim carefully and use melees wisely, or risk leaving themselves wide open for multiple melee attacks from vampires.

Anyways, this is my idea, and I hope you take it into consideration. I love your game and hope it gets even better as development continues.

Peace out.

3rd Feb 2015, 01:17
The game is designed so that humans have very little close quarters combat power. The goal for humans is to keep vampires at a distance and pick them off, and save your CCs for when they start to get in close. Humans definitely do not need a melee or close-quarters buff.

Alchemist also has a minor stun when flamewall is dropped on a human and the Scout's main CC is Knives, so all of the classes do have close-range defense mechanisms.