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2nd Feb 2015, 22:37
I'm sorry if anyone posted this already but I didn't find it with the search function.

So. I think it's unfair to let players under lvl 10 to play in Deathmatch. They are ruining the game for the rest of gamers who played the game and are above 10th lvl. I just finished a match where 2 of us were above lvl 10 and had positive scores and the other 2 were clearly under lvl 10 with negative scores 0-9 1-10 and so on.

Why am I saying clearly? One of them just said it was his first hour in the game and when I asked him "why would you ruin the game for everyone else?" he just said "because I can". And this was not the only case.

I know you maybe planning some vote kick function, but I think it's mandatory that lvl 0-9 players shouldn't be able to play deathmatch... unless you don't really care about the community and overall opinion about the game.

I understand you have good and batch matches but when you are ruining other people's evening because "you can", something has to be done.

3rd Feb 2015, 09:07
Hey SirSleepAlot!

This seems to be a unique experience, huh? The MM should rate those players very quickly to a lower tier. I guess we need to deal with some of those guys for now.

The problem with raising the max-level for TDM is that higher-leveled-players can't get into party anymore with their friends before they don't reach "level9+".
On the other hand - new-recruit-players who are very good would be forced to play in this new recruit lobby -> "ruining" the newb-experience and they can't compete with better players.


3rd Feb 2015, 13:06
Then it should be easier for new players to level up so good players will reach lvl 10 faster.
It's not a unique experience. I don't know how the matchmaking is supposed to work but it's not a one time thing.

3rd Feb 2015, 15:33
The developers really don't like placing people in new recruit. This holds particularly true when a new player is a friend of a veteran and they party up. In theory it shouldn't matter because matchmaking should pick up that they are new and pair them up with lower skilled players. However, that might not always be the case at the moment.