View Full Version : Very toxic and feeding player (or almost afk ? )

2nd Feb 2015, 19:26
[username removed]
no this is not a joke he wasnt doing anything in match just runing into wampires and when i pointed it out he was cursing and swearing on me in entire human match he did somehow only 883 dmg (or something like that) with wampires he played as deceiver and he did nothing . i was on first place in score in both cases (at least as human not sure as wamp) and he was saying that im bad and that i just focus on dealing dmg and that i schould do more teamwork ... like wtf he did nothing and says that..... and hows dealing dmg not a teamwork....... (i was with team not sniping i played alchemist) please ban him people like him schouldnt be in game

2nd Feb 2015, 20:42
Naming and shaming is against the rules, please edit the person's name out of your post.

2nd Feb 2015, 23:03
Wampires OP.