View Full Version : So when exactly are we going to get the Level 25 human skins?

2nd Feb 2015, 16:11
Currently 3 classes of vampire have the skins for level 25 with that class, reaver, tyrant etc.
all the human classes STILL say "Coming Soon" (PS are you planning on trademarking that saying given how long it's been saying that?)

2nd Feb 2015, 16:18
Spring 2015 aka Autumn 2015


2nd Feb 2015, 16:23
Prestige Skins - Spring 2015 (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog/nosgoth-state-of-play-january-30-2015)

If everything goes as planned according to the timeline provided in that blog post, we shall be seeing them no later than May, so that's close to four months from now at the latest. I understand that it sounds like a huge timeframe, considering that most of us think those skins well overdue, but personally I don't mind. Game is in development, new content is being created and I'd rather them prioritize major milestones the way they have - things that are nice but not as important to gameplay can wait. I know, I know, I've had all of my human classes maxed out for months too.