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2nd Feb 2015, 03:45
To highlight how absolutly pulse pounding this game is let me regal you with a tale, a match i played on my hunter

I had Just died to a well timed team combo attack from the vampires and was sprinting back to my teammates to lend a hand...as i am running up a incline i see one of my teammates running, and quickly dying being smacked in the back by a Tyrant vampire. This is where i realize my mistake, all 3 of my teammates have just died, i am now staring at 2 tyrants and a reaver (standard vampire class, able to leap great distances with there special attack). I had been playing this game for a while now, and knowing what Ive just done...i will not lie to you

i SCREAMED physically at my monitor as i fired my hunters explosive shot cool down at them dealing nearly 300 damage to each (tyrants have 1350hp, reavers have 1000hp) i then started letting my full auto crossbow with 22 rounds rip into the nearest tyrant. i start backpedaling at a slightly counter clockwise angle just in time to barely dodge the first tyrants charged melee attack (the obscured vision from the explosive shot might of saved me there), shooting past me as i hear the audible WOOMPH in my headset. I circle strafe him dpsing him with my crossbow trying like hell to compensate for its full auto recoil (fairly hefty recoil, all weapons have a good bit of it in this game). Luckily this tyrant wasn't at full HP, and while i managed to dodge the reavers leap attack with my counter strafing (something the vampires didn't expect, actually dodging there melee attacks is much less likely to work in this game, dodging is for special attacks, not basics)...i downed the tyrant and started working on the reaver, getting my back smacked by the second tyrant. The reaver tried to dodge by i was in fight or flight mode, and i had chosen to fight, compensating for the sudden direction change i work him to low hp where he pops his evasion skill (defensive cd, dodges attacks, can still be hit by explosives) and he starts running away. this happened around the same time as the tyrant missed me with his third attack in his chain, getting some distance away, i used this time to sprint around the corner and turn around only to see Mr big tyrant right in my grill...this is where i get scared.

In this amount of time my 15 second cool down on my explosive shot is still on cool down, and Ive JUST ran out of ammo...reloading with a hunter is the longest reload of all the humans currently in game. Once again...

i SCREAMED and mashed my bola skill (CC skill, disables vampires arms, cant attack or climb walls) and turned around and started sprinting away. Now..for reference...i had 1050hp at the start of this, while running away i was at...5hp. a hairs breath from death, one wrong nick and I'm dead...i thought for sure i was a goner, as im sprinting away counting the seconds until i die, i see a ray of hope in the distance. my teammates, all 3, had re-spawned and were running to my aid, i see disabling hex shoot out from the prophet (another CC) and ping the tyrant who was literally in mid swing behind me to end my life, and then the scout/prophet/alchemist all start unleashing hell on him, he dies before hex can wear off, and i am able to safely get to the health station and refill on hp and ammo (humans have health stations in this game, they are on cool downs when used, forcing humans to find different locations on the maps to defend).

For the first time in years, i raised my arms in real life after something happened in a video game and proceed to give a loud high pitched "WOOOO!"

My nerves were wrecked, my hands shaky, but i was euphoric, this is what playing the game is about, this is its sought after high, the relishing of a amazing play, not just by you, but also by your teammates, when everything comes together, and you conquer/survive.

2nd Feb 2015, 09:33

2nd Feb 2015, 11:32
Bad Squirrel!

Have to love that "WOOT!" feeling you can get from multiplayer games sometimes :) Nice story, absinthesize. I've had really tense matches too, and nothing beats that feeling of high-fiving (virtual or real life) your team mates when you all pull it together and get that win.

2nd Feb 2015, 12:06
i dont get that feelings in many games anymore.

either because im older now, or because a lot of games just dont have it.

So im rather appreciative that this game does.

2nd Feb 2015, 14:10
good story, ive been there!

2nd Feb 2015, 16:33
:thumb: brilliant - I'm glad I'm not the only one that goes nuts at this game :D