View Full Version : Sticky Bomb Useless?

1st Feb 2015, 23:31
Doe's anyone even use this ability? 400 dmg in a small area with the ability to stick to surfaces and enemies. This is all well and good except the throw animation is way too long. If a Reaver evades he'll be long gone before you can finish the animation, trying to do it while in melee will get you killed as vamps get in about 2-3 hits while your in the animation. Explosive shot is better for killing Reavers and the normal bomb is better of area dmg so what role does it have?

2nd Feb 2015, 01:08
I actually use it alot especially against Reaver and tyrants because they will stick to them no matter what, but u have to time your sticky grenade with tyrant, stick the grenade on them 1 or 2 second before their harden skin skill wears off.