View Full Version : Scorpions?

1st Feb 2015, 02:26
I know this is completely random and probably not the right place to post it, but I seriously didn't know where to bring it up. So feel free to move it moderators. :) Has anyone else noticed that in the LCTOO key art Lara and the gang are surrounded by scorpions? I have yet to come across a scorpion in game. :scratch: Any thoughts?

1st Feb 2015, 21:51
I did think about this the other day... But looking at it again, the scarabs are tiny in the artwork, so, it's not entirely true to the game :D

3rd Feb 2015, 00:54
You're right sir! Although, I personally would have liked to see some scorpions. :)

3rd Feb 2015, 08:37
Oh yeah, I'd like to have seen them too, maybe next time? :D

5th Feb 2015, 18:52
I'd be happy to shoot, bomb, or roll things over scorpions. Obviously, additional DLC with these terrifying new enemies should be made available as soon as possible.

11th Feb 2015, 04:47
I agree! Maybe a surprise "Tomb of the Scorpion Wrath" is in order.. :lol:

11th Feb 2015, 19:29
^ That would be awesome tbh! I'm really hoping they'll surprise us with a new DLC tomb later on in the year, but I'm one hell of a big dreamer. :p

24th Feb 2015, 00:16
Oh, the scorpions. I wish they made it in game, too! That was one of the super early concept pieces.