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31st Jan 2015, 17:34
I know there are no rules against this exact action, but it is really annoying. The dudes scored 4 kills and jumped atop the buildings in The Fane and sat there for 10 mins. If it was any other game- fine, people do this *****. But here, as a human you can't possibly reach 'em. This is ... stupid. Imagine I bought another pack to play with all the cheaters and people who cherish win more than the actual gameplay...

31st Jan 2015, 17:37
I don't really see a way to stop people doing this. Same as winning the first round then afking on top of something.

31st Jan 2015, 17:41
Of course there is no way to stop people from doing this, since its not forbidden, although it is an exploit. But atop of all, it can surely stop people from playing.

31st Jan 2015, 19:30
It's not often this tactic actually works for longer than a minute or two.

Usually you can drive them off of the roof with hunter explosives and alchemist cannon. If they are sitting on one of the highest Sommerdamm or Fane spots it will take a Scout to pick them off as they peek ... to completely avoid line-of-sight they'd have to sit dead center of the tower roof the entire time, which would probably end up in an AFK kick.

31st Jan 2015, 19:45
Fortunately most people would rather play the game than AFK it just to guarantee +1 on a stat sheet.

31st Jan 2015, 19:46
Kill yourself, take grenades and volley

1st Feb 2015, 01:50
Yes, this is true, and we also tried hitting them with alch and hunter and volley. And yes, I AGREE, it sux that SOME people prefer this +1 stat rather than the actual sporty game. :D

(If edit helps)

1st Feb 2015, 02:54
And yes, it sux that people prefer this +1 stat rather than the actual sporty game.

Read that comment again. He was saying most people prefer to actually play the game.

1st Feb 2015, 03:00
Read that comment again. He was saying most people prefer to actually play the game.

No need, I agreed with him. :)

1st Feb 2015, 06:06
This happened to me recently for the first time. The vampires had been spending the entire time in some hidey hole in Freeport. I went running around for the most of the game hunting them down as scout, and suddenly at the very last minute the vampires swarm my teammates who were standing around at the docks and score the game's winning points.
What really topped it off though was that they finished us off with a resounding "Noob" in the chat box. Sigh.

1st Feb 2015, 06:47
Yes, this just happened to me a few minutes ago. Vamps got a 2 or 3 kill lead, and then ran away from us for the rest of the match. Turned around and slaughtered us as humans, but it wasn't like we could use the same "tactic." We managed to pick off a couple sentinels, but whenever we got a kill, they came back and picked one of us off and then ran away again.

I wonder if some mechanic involving the steady decrease of health in vampires that get too far away from (or too long out of combat with, or both) humans could be set in place. If they can regenerate after taking damage from combat because they are vampires, by virtue of being vampires they should also have to, you know, actually feed instead of hiding away an entire round after getting their ups.

Vampires are supposed to avoid starving more than they are supposed to avoid losing.

1st Feb 2015, 07:27
I've seen a lot of people complain about this issue and sadly there's no simple way to fix it. I can't reject the fact it does happen, even though in numerous hundreds of hours that I've played this game I have never seen my or enemy team use this so-called tactic (maybe I'm just lucky).

If "hide to win" occurs in less than 1% of cases in overall amount of games played universally, spending time on developing a special mechanic that needs a lot of thought isn't ideal. However, I'm sure developers would consider implementing some sort of mechanics if this issue becomes widespread or when they're done with everything else they want to implement in this game and can revert to spending their time on minor quality-of-life improvements.

1st Feb 2015, 09:55
only time ive done this is when outnumbered waiting for teams to rebalance.

do it when your winning? ugh, i want that exp, you get exp from killing/doing damage, not hiding.

1st Feb 2015, 18:28
Well then, I invite everyone who experienced this "tactic" from the opposite vampire team to report it (here?). Either provide just a server number or screenshots/video links. Follow the rules of the forum and avoid pointing fingers at names of the players, ofc. This way, maybe this 1% will get higher and something might get implemented. :D