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30th Jan 2015, 22:42
I'd like to start a discussion on the bonuses that are on Weapon and Special slots. The value of certain bonuses and Perks definitely varies widely between what's available. I've started looking for very particular ones on Mysterious Items to see if I regard it as a prize or junky. It's very possible crafting will fix this, but please read on.

Human bonuses that are desirable:
Reduced Weapon Spread (Deadeye)
Reduced Reload Speed (Quick Hands)
Increased Clip Size and Ammo Capacity (Tinkerer)

Human bonuses that are OK with weapon bonus and perk:
Increased sprint speed (Fleet Footed)
Reduced ability cooldown (Quick Wits)
Increased Maximum Health (Vigor)

Human bonuses that are undesirable (to me)
Increased move speed
Increased health from supply stations (Scavenger)
Reduced weapon recoil (Steady Aim)
(Catlike Reflexes)
Increased dodge distance, decreased dodge cooldown

Vampire bonuses that are desirable:
Increased attack speed (Frenzy)
Increased attack and movement speed on kill (Bloodlust)

Vampire bonuses that are OK with special bonus and perk:
Increased regeneration speed, decreased regeneration delay
Reduced ability cooldown (Undying Wisdom)
Increased damage below 33% HP (Berserker)

Vampire bonuses that are undesirable:
Increased HP (Blood Vitality)
Increased health restoration from execution (Feast)
Increased wall climb speed (Nimbleness)
Increased dodge distance, reduced dodge cooldown

Without going into detail about each class and loadout that I use, I'll say that the desirable and OK bonuses are the ones that I feel give me the most competitive edge. Even some of the desirable bonuses are 'just alright' in their implementation. My example is Tinkerer. Almost every human weapon will only get 1 extra shot for the bonus on a weapon and another for using Tinkerer. For scouts, it's a nice boon. For a hunter, it's not that big a deal. Another one that I don't feel is as good as it could be is Reduced Ability Cooldown. It's just not that much a game changer for me. I'll use it if I get the bonus, but it's not at the top of my list.

I hate to rag on your lovely game, Psyonix, but Nimbleness and the special bonus makes me groan, haha. I've gotten it a few times and I think it would be OK if it actually sped up the animation where a vampire clears the edge from the wall onto a rooftop/ledge. As for the undesirable bonuses, I imagine they are there for variety and to match the perks currently implemented, but I call them undesirable because they give me much less of an edge in a fight compared to the others. I don't have suggestions on how to improve them, unfortunately. I would not be sad to see them go.

Furthermore, it's currently not represented in the Armory what the bonuses actually confer or change on a class. There's no info besides in-game testing for vampires to see what your attack speed will be like with using Frenzy and a Frenzy special bonus, or Bloodlust for that matter. If nothing else I'd love to be able to see those changes to clip size, reload speed, attack speed, or ability cooldown time viewable in the Armory.

I'd like to make a suggestion though and I'm fully aware it would be a lot of work on your part but I think it would be better than X% faster/more implementation and description text. How about bonuses on weapons (and maybe add a few perks as well) that improve certain stats by steps or ranks? These steps are tailored to each class, so when a hunter has step 2 or 3 of Increased Clip Size, he gains 2 bolts for his repeater per step where a scout would gain one arrow. Maybe steps in Reduced Ability Cooldown actually reduce cooldown at a second per step if the ability were 20 seconds or longer to do so? The value of a weapon or special would vary depending on how many steps or ranks it provided.

How about each class having bonuses to it's weapon/special that improves a specific ability? A hunter could have his Bola duration increased by 0.5 seconds or a Reaver have Haste increased by 1 second. Finally, it might be interesting to have steps for these particular ability bonuses or the regular perks on the other ability slots. For instance, you could find an Uncanny or Arcane Bola that has an additional 0.5 seconds on Bola duration.

If you took the time to read this, thank you. Love the game and can't wait to see what else you've got planned.