View Full Version : How to order on european Square Enix store from France?

30th Jan 2015, 21:07
Hi there!
Well, the question is on the title.
I'm from France, I know there is a french SE store but I want to order available CDs (especially the Piano Collections) on European shop (because they arent for french shop since a long time).
I see that most of european countries can order, except mine (I know, I have a french store)...
So is there any solutions to order from France on the european SE shop?
Thanks :thumb:

PS : By the way, why isnt it a global european stock of merchandises for the whole Europe? because its like there is France and all the other european countries... And to be honest the global european is REALLY more interesting !

10th Feb 2015, 10:07
The Square Enix Store customer support (https://store.eu.square-enix.com/emea_europe/help/contact-customer-support.php) should be able to answer your question.