View Full Version : A game mode and class Idea (Forgive me if they've already been thought of)

29th Jan 2015, 21:05
Yo! First time poster here on this forum.

So my Idea for a game mode is a bit bare bones but it consists of a rush by each side to get either a certain amount of points or kills within the allotted time limit. After the time limit has ended the MVP of the winning team must get to a certain location on the map, which will then of course be guarded by the opposite team. Now if the MVP of the Vamps is able to get to this certain point and stay there for an allotted amount of time (say 3-5 seconds) he will transform into/summon...

Kain onto the battlefield! The MVP will become Kain and....

That's honestly as far as I've got lol,
but I think it would be a great idea to at least Implement Kain and perhaps another Human hero (Prehaps Sarafan Raziel? Not very lore based but would still be a fun experience)

As for the new class, I'd love a vamp class that relates the the Rahabim; Water based powers and the like. I'm not sure if this has been planned as i'm still trying to navigate my way through the forums, but it would be a shame not to include such a specialized clan member into the mix.

Thoughts? Opinions? Protesting?
Let me know.

29th Jan 2015, 21:09
Except Kain is absent at the time and no-one is able to summon him.

29th Jan 2015, 21:33
It would be fun though, that's my point.

Instead, what about what of the Lieutenants?

29th Jan 2015, 21:36
Instead, what about what of the Lieutenants?

Raziel is in the abyss at the moment, but all the others are around. A character called Eskandor is leading the Razielim in his stead, so he could be their summon.

29th Jan 2015, 21:49
It would be fun though, that's my point.


29th Jan 2015, 22:06
Fun factor aside, you must take into consideration the actual setting of the game when suggesting things like this.