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29th Jan 2015, 18:55
Vae Victis Vampires have been playing Nosgoth long before Open Beta and are recruiting anyone who enjoys playing the game and wants to learn more.

Things to know;
We play on a regular basis. The more active you are the more likely you are to be placed on a team.
We have multiple teams and are always looking for more subs/teams.
Our teamspeak address ; - Feel free to come on and introduce yourself
https://www.facebook.com/VaeVictisVampires/ - Our facebook page

No Ragequitting - This does include leaving games to join someone else.
Raging - We all do it. Just keep it minuscule please. Have fun with the game you're playing.

That is all I'm going to post on here. For more information hop in our teamspeak or seek us out in game. We are everywhere.

5th Feb 2015, 02:28
Bump -
We are now doing in-house drafts every Monday-Thursday , Friday and Saturday are scrims against other teams!

We are always looking for more players to join us

Member count : 30+

5th Feb 2015, 20:07
hey I've played with a number of Vae Victis already, I play every day for 4-8 hours. I favor support/tanking roles on teams. I main prophet/tyrant but I hate to say I'm a lot better with the hunter than prophet.

I'm a new small streamer with a fast growing following and a really quickly growing steam group of nosgoth players, I'll point them towards this thread :)

6th Feb 2015, 00:00
I would like to do some games and see how it goes if you guys are still looking just add me on steam AnnaKendrick BAE

9th Feb 2015, 17:16
Hey there, been playing nosgoth since open beta started on steam. i prefer to play as scout/deceiver. can you add me on steam?
nick: mckillerrules

10th Feb 2015, 03:45
yo add me on steam im intrested for some placements my winrate is 61% atm

11th Feb 2015, 11:20
hi, add me on steam, steam name is stojan93, im looking for people to play with.