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29th Jan 2015, 14:20

I am a fan of all things final fantasy ever since I was a kid playing the very first one. I am very disappointed with the NA merchandise. There are so many different sites with merchandise it's hard to find stuff and very confusing. The EU site is awesome and full of good deals, as well as the JP site offering a plethora of goods simply unavailable to me.

All the time I will be scrolling through Facebook and see all these awesome products and deals available on the EU site that gets promoted, but no love for NA.

Let me show you what I mean

NA site 1 https://music.na.square-enix.com
This site I only found because someone in another forum linked it, It has music available, the item here I would like to buy is Astral to Umbral, too bad right now on the EU site it is on sale, but not for NA. Another problem with NA is if I buy this I can't group it with the other items I want and save on shipping because it's all on separate sites.

Amazingly still there is another NA site with music for sale offering different music sections... why were these items not put on the same site???

NA site 2 http://na.square-enix.com/us/music
Here is another music site completely separate from the other music site

NA site 3. https://ffxiv.na.square-enix.com
This site is specific to ffxiv. However not all the ffxiv merch is available here, why isn't the astral to umbral available here? Why is there a separate site to purchase the ffxiv game? Why is this separate from all the other SE products???

NA site 4. http://store.na.square-enix.com/store/sqenixus/DisplayHomePage
This site has play arts figures. It also contains SE games to purchase, and, get this... wait for it.... MORE MUSIC. Yes more and different music available from another site.

Now I'm sure there are more sites with more goods available, and prolly some music, but I can't find them, and if I can't find them SE is missing out on revenue. Many people want the products you are selling but you need to make it easy to find and easy to buy. The EU and JP sites seem to have gotten it right, why not NA??

Not only that but the EU site has way more variety and merchandise available to them. The JP site has lots of things I would like to buy that never make it across seas. This makes me really sad as there are a lot of things I would like to purchase. Right now I'm into ffxiv and I would like some shirts but only 2 are available to NA and only sized in medium!? Here in NA we are fat and require large, x-large.

Thankyou for your time and consideration