View Full Version : Mouse sensitivity???

28th Jan 2015, 17:02
So...yeah? In a game that is based on aiming and hitting the targets...where is the proper mouse settings?

Is it just me who simply cannot find it, or are there no proper way of configuring your mouse sensitivity?

28th Jan 2015, 17:06
You gotta fiddle with the config files. Yes, not perfect.
And while your at it, turn off the mouse smoothing. Its on by default.


2nd May 2015, 07:44
Psyonix, please add a toggle for Mouse Smoothing in the options menu, and make it off by default! Numeric input for sensitivity (heck, how about all sliders?) would be great too, but the smoothing is a big deal as it seems like most players don't want it, while others don't even realize whether they do since they never tried without. Just casting my vote!

By the way, as a founder and runestone customer I love the game and I'm happy to support it. Thanks!