View Full Version : BOTH FACTIONS A great improvment

28th Jan 2015, 15:02

First of all i must i just fell in love with this game. It´s simple and requires some great mechanics to be a better player, wich is what i supose everyone is looking for on a game so we can separate the good from the great.

So, now talking about the game itself, i would definitively change some things in this game to make it even better, remember, this is my opinion, it doesnt mean that everyone feels the same.
Talking about vampires: i feel like this class has more variate of gameplay than the humans does, i see the potential on vampires, not that much on the humans, so everytime i play vampire, the humans just camp on one spot and you have to act like a rambo vampire wich doesnt feel that good. i would love to see some archers hiding in diferent building trying to get some picks on vampires while they jump through the buildings, not play like 4 on the same spot, the game needs to spread more on the map.
I feel too, that the autoattacks from vampires feel a bit awkward, i would make it more combo style like streetfighter (JUST A FREAKING EXAMPLE), obviously this would require some major changes in the dmg and configuration, but it would me make play this competitively because i believe this game has that potential.
On the humans side i would REALLY LOVE to see a rocket player base, like in unreal tournament, BELIEVE me it would be epic, but i understand that you guys dont want to "copy" any other game.

Well, this is my opinion, i would like to know what does the community this about it.