View Full Version : TYRANT Gilded Colossus skin's color is too dark

28th Jan 2015, 07:39
I'm LV26 user

At first My motherlanguage is not an english so if my english is not good, forgive me

anyway I played this game as fun

faction balance is not bad(I think it depends on how control character more smart)

AND I like most game systems(except "NOSCAM interfaces", this need more development progress I expect this update -scoreboard, loadouts, damage, more camera look, cant find new player bug etc...-)

BUT... I think skin camoflage is not good decision

especially Gilded Colossus skin(for tyrant) is too dark to see it...

most map is colored dark

so I couldn't see clearly who using this skin...

and free users can't earn skins

I have a plan pay for other benefits in game

but if skin camoflage ruin this game's balance and if it is important! thing for battle tactical part

I dont want that kind of pay....

for example DOTA2 always keep character's color template percentage for every new skins

and DOTA2 make much money from that

I think skin is just option , it shouldn't affect to gameplay

so I suggest to correct all skin's colors we can see it.

thank you:)

30th Jan 2015, 00:18
Isn't that the skin where the Tyrant is decked out in flashy gold?

Yeah, not seeing the "camouflage" issue here...