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27th Jan 2015, 23:19
SOOOOO What does everybody want in Nosgoth personally here are my favorite things i would like in Nosgoth.

Game modes: now i don't really care all that much about game modes but what i would like is something called reproducing now i have thought outside the box for a reason vampires are always pushing hunters i think this game mode would swap it around the other way and give more game play to the Vampires

Character: Since we are getting a new vampire class called summoner I'd like a hunter called The Steel yeah i know its random but it could work say a Vampires bout to pounce on a Steel :cool: now what happens is he pounces on him for longer but does less damage i think this would be a tanking Human making vampires run for fear and would be lots of fun cause of how intense it could get

Maps: what else would be better then the land of the vampires yes you heard me a part in Nosgoth where there are jails or not even jails but Vampires dead everywhere lots of blood and body's and make them looks like vampires as well like a Reaver or Deciver or something like that i think that would be lots of fun cause getting revenge isn't sweet enough.

and finally we came to the end of the things i want i hope you look for inperation in these even as you read my last one. If you give feedback on anything i will be grateful because it will help me even more thank you for your time and here you go the last one.

Online: Okay online has been loads of fun and stuff but I want fixed is the mic sound like i have my mic sound fully up and i can't hear my friends and i don't if people can hear me really but it sounds a bit dodgy that's all I'm saying if you could fix that that be the best thanks for reading guys and peace out

27th Jan 2015, 23:33
For Modes, I am most anxious for a PvE horde mode.

The human you are after is somewhat already on its way, it is called the Shield Bearer (I hope a different name for it comes about).

Perhaps they could do vampire corpses in the Crucible map, it does take place in the territory of the Turelim.

My mic doesn't work either.

My biggest hope for Nosgoth right now, is confirmation that the last vampire clan from the series (The Rahabim) makes it into the game (somewhere it was mentioned that their inclusion wasn't guaranteed).

28th Jan 2015, 00:05
true thanks for the feedback it helps :D

28th Jan 2015, 00:30
I agree it'd be great if they could get in-game microphone quality fixed, but I mostly want:

More maps

Spectating + a player-perspective mode in demos

Ranked game queue

Referral skins available in store

Re-balancing of weaker skills, e.g.
[Immolation, Echolocation, Illusions, Leap Attack]

Stop over-nerfing skills and revert the most recent changes to:
[Evasion duration, Whip's wind-up & animation times]

28th Jan 2015, 00:41
i love how everybody has there own mind and opinion it helps me a lot also if you guys might want to play some nosgoth together my name is Skullcrusher Extinction |кѕ|

28th Jan 2015, 01:08
also while we are on the topic would like to say things about the new recruit gamemode i'm lvl 13 and i can go into the thing you need to put on a barrier of witch lvls can't go no it

28th Jan 2015, 01:09
I have just two minor requests:
1. Could you please invert the banners on the right side(vampire first) of the waiting queue, instead of just mirror them, because the alpha banner points in the wrong direction(as seen in your last livestream)
2. Could there be an optition to start a private match, set the favorite parameters, invite friends, let them join and then make the match public and let all people join without them knowing the exact server-ID.
There could be, for example a list with custom made matches and the parameters the owner had set.

28th Jan 2015, 01:26
also while we are on the topic would like to say things about the new recruit gamemode i'm lvl 13 and i can go into the thing you need to put on a barrier of witch lvls can't go no it

They raised the cut off for new recruit to level 15 with the open beta launch, after making lvl 15 new recruit will not be available to you. Though I did get the bug that reduces your rank to 1 and got dropped back into new recruit. It's been around since closed beta, but I usually go full support with healer alchemist or prophet; and then main dominate mind as the deceiver so the teammates get the kills more often than me.

28th Jan 2015, 01:29

30th Jan 2015, 00:40
Still holding out hope for a Dark Eden map. New game modes, of course. Still hoping evolved skins for the new vampires are on the to-do list.

And I'd still like some manner of hotkey voice commands ala TF2's "Medic!" cry and such. Mainly for scouting as the Sentinel or when you're in need of a corpse to feed.

30th Jan 2015, 11:40
I would love to see the Vampire's Hang the humans up on the ropes around the map that the scouts use to grapple, it would be a great little ambient addition. It wouldnt take away from the scout grappling it would probably enhance it, and cause some nice fear tactics in the Frail Humans of Nosgoth!!! (side note) would like to see the humans have more of a finishing move on the vampires when they die instead of the occasional headshot dont get me wrong the headshots are nice but are not as frequent as the vampires finishing feed. Oh and it also gives xp so the humans should be able to get that little xp bonus to be fair... Thx again guys


Nosgoth FTW!!