View Full Version : An action crossover Final Fantasy game

27th Jan 2015, 20:40
Nintendo did Hyrule Warriors which is a hack and slash action game. They used characters from different games like Midna from Twilight Princess and Fi from Skyward Sword (as well as making references to some of the games).

Dragon Quest Heroes is an action role playing game that is coming out later. They also be using different characters from the previous Dragon Quest games.

I would like to see an action role playing game with Final Fantasy. It will have elements from each of the games in the series. Also you can have any party members that are playable in the Final Fantasy series. And they can add in new gameplay like maybe a team attack where two or three of the heroes work together to deliver a special attack. And there will be mini games and side quests. They can use monsters and creatures from the Final Fantasy series, and the main villains can be the villains of the each of the Final Fantasy games. This can be set after the games or an alternate universe.