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27th Jan 2015, 14:01
Being new to Nosgoth(started at open beta) I feel that some class' difficult but satisfying skills need a boost. Here are the list I think that need a boost.

Hunter=not much, maybe increase clip size
Alchemist=didnt play much
Scout=increase damage on full charge shot
prophet=didnt unlock lol

Reaver=not much, maybe increase duration of raping
Tyrant=need more damage on grab
sentinel=please increase the duration of kidnap AND abduct, most satisfying skill in the game
Deceiver=didnt play much, maybe add more damage on backstab and increase duration of desease.

Again, this is newbie perpective. Feel free to add more or comment.
Oh, Japan server starting to get empty.:(

27th Jan 2015, 15:22
IMHO i don't think any of these suggestion you have stated is/are feasible simply because the characters will become too OP. Believe me on this, as you start to move up the ranks and begin fighting other 40s (good 40s btw) on a more consistent basis, you will get **** by them. Are you sure you want to give the good 40s more opportunity for **** and lessen your chances of fighting/surviving? I think not. Just my 2 cents and rambling though.

27th Jan 2015, 15:25
All of the things you've suggested are things that existed in the past and have been changed due to balancing including hunter clip size, scout damage, and kidnap duration (which was especially annoying.. it's already too long).

27th Jan 2015, 17:59
Yeah all of these are things that were toned down for being too strong.

27th Jan 2015, 19:53
prophet=didnt unlock lol

Oh so lol.
Played 10 hours, gives suggestions on how to balance a highly competitive game. GG.

27th Jan 2015, 19:58
"Maybe increase some thing or other I'm really not sure, this other thing I haven't actually played yet" that's how I see this thread.

27th Jan 2015, 20:51
Dude, if you are just a newbie pls play the game a lit bit more before you mess with the balance of this game. Almost everything you suggested would break the game in some way. Just play the game and you will see why the things are as they as you get better and i promiss you that your opinion about all the things will drastically change in the next 50h.

28th Jan 2015, 01:53
You basically just said boost the classes you like the most.......charge shot with scout is a pain in the ass has is, bigger clip size for hunter?lol theres a special crossbow for that...longer kidnap time, for what, insta kills?..increase disease time? your insane!......ye just log more hours and the game will make more sense as you get better.

28th Jan 2015, 05:26
I also suggest to get to Level 40 and Play maybe 20-50 more houres, before suggesting things Balance wise.
Sorry ;)

28th Jan 2015, 15:30
I would walk through fire to have the old Tyrants jump back pretty much killed my enrage build ..

28th Jan 2015, 16:11
I would walk through fire to have the old Tyrants jump back pretty much killed my enrage build ..

LOL i assume you mean the jump glitch? loved that thing