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27th Jan 2015, 12:31
Today we're very happy to bring you the next episode of our ongoing video series: Nosgoth Class Warfare!

The episodic Class Warfare videos are most useful for new players, helping them get up to speed with the classes available in Nosgoth, but can also give existing or experienced players an intro to classes they're less familiar with, or share a few tips they might not have thought of. As with the previous videos in this series, this one includes an overview of the weapons, Primary and Secondary abilities, a look at the skins available in the store, and some helpful info to get you started. For all our new players, we have a helpful playlist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHEuJYRqOSA&list=PLGjCrAG-etaZyVznmI1QwkVg_rCQv8cWA) where you can view all the previously released videos, giving you a really useful run through of the classes.

This new episode peeks into the shadows, seeking out the dark and twisted Deceiver of Clan Zephonim. The Deceiver can drive a Human mad with confusion by possessing their very eyesight, making them hear things, and often see thing that aren't there. A master of deception, he assaults enemies' minds directly, causing chaos and mistrust among their ranks. Who can you really trust, when the enemy can hide among your own?

For their complete story and abilities, check out the video below.


27th Jan 2015, 13:29
Very cool indeed :D gotta love those Deceivers

27th Jan 2015, 14:25
Nice vid, though he uses Illusions and not Shround in the part when he talks about using it to escape. He also does not become completely invisible during the Shroud.

27th Jan 2015, 15:29
And were gonna need a 2nd Video one we get the Devolved skin =D

27th Jan 2015, 20:30
When I hear "mentalist" I think of Nupraptor; I don't know if that description should be exclusive to him, but they didn't have anything in common.

28th Jan 2015, 08:22
Nice vid, though he uses Illusions and not Shround in the part when he talks about using it to escape. He also does not become completely invisible during the Shroud.

This also furthers some peoples lack of understanding of the game!
Since the new patch hit, I am frequently explaining to people how NOT to use Disguise, and its basicaly exactly how its shown in the video:
Don't just right click it, especially not behind walls or on a roof, and the go in thinking you are "VIRTUALLY UNDETECTABLE" - because you're not. Quite the opposite in fact!
Since the turorials already lack this information (and show you how you can stay invisible for longer by holding RMB down) you have all these confused players disguising half the map away and then calling us cheaters when they get hit by 4 humans as soon as they run around the corner into our LoS.

I keep saying this, but I hated Deceiver in the beginning and thought some people we're hacking, because noone ever told me I could hold RMB to stay invisible. This information is not readily available, and this video could've done that.

28th Jan 2015, 08:56
Ah, good point, DaWolv, yeah, they should have shown the great use of the invisibility effect of Disguise here :/

28th Jan 2015, 17:55
Yeah, that "completely invisible" part with Shroud makes me wince a bit as well, because is totally false. It's not complete, you can be still seen, and it gets more visible the farer you are from humans.

Also, I think it would be good to specify that, effectively, by holding RMB you are invisible with Disguise for some seconds. In fact, I try to don't let it finish before attacking my enemies if possible, preferring to be still invisible by when I reach them. I only guessed otherwise it would be a bad idea since I myself could guess who's a disguised Deceiver quite easily when I'd play as human, but not everybody notices it :\ (also not everybody plays or played TF2 and got used to the Spy class who has a quite similar skill xD).

Other than that couple of little details, the video itself is awesome! Already makes me love Deceiver even more! *_* (if that's possible xD).