View Full Version : Nibelheim Flashback-glitch?

6th Sep 2012, 21:46
So i got in to the part at the Kalm Inn where Cloud tells his story. Everything was fine until the part with Cloud and Sephiroth
fights the Green Dragon. Normally the Dragon should just knock Cloud out and then Sephiroth finishes the Dragon.

However, when the Dragon KOed Cloud Sephiroth used Life2 on him. Then the dragon proceeded doing the same thing again and Sephiroth
reviving Cloud again. Then AGAIN the dragon targeted Cloud and AGAIN Sephiroth revived him.

That sequence repeated itself for about fifteen minutes before i decided to quit the game altogether.

Anyone else have this issue?

6th Sep 2012, 22:32
Oh, nevermind. It was just a one-time glitch. Restarting the game solved the issue.