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26th Jan 2015, 22:04
Full post over at reddit located here (http://www.reddit.com/r/nosgoth/comments/2tmbk9/nosgoth_looking_for_more_web_app_v10/).

Hi All!

This past weekend I developed a web app that allows you to log in with your steam account to post yourself in a listing of players looking for friends, clans, groups etc.

Introducing Nosgoth Looking For Group/More (https://nosgothlfg.herokuapp.com/)!

Goal: Provide the Nosgoth community a easy way to reach out and find players to play with. Instead of having to go to different forum boards and creating accounts, joining multiple steam groups, etc, one central place with no sign up account, available to all regions, to come together and always have people to find to play with.

Currently in version 1.0 so the feature list is limited to the following:

Sign in using the "Sign in with Steam" button.
Navigation Bar links to your own steam community profile (Your Steam avatar), the Nosgoth Steam Community Group and steam command link to launch Nosgoth directly from the web browser.
Form to update your Region, Preferred Human and Vampire class, and Comment section for additional notes.
Table to show all users that have saved there "Player" with a search the table.

Currently it is only available for steam users to add them selves and using the search box look for other players. The next major version I plan to include a way for teams/clans/guilds have a way to post their information about their current recruitment.

All the columns are searchable from the one search box so you can find people, for example, that prefer to play Deceiver by just typing in Deceiver. (Note: Better filtering is a enhancement that is to come in future releases.)

This is a open-source project with all source code available on GitHub (Here (https://github.com/destroyerdust/NosgothLFG)) and all issues (Bugs, Enhancements, etc) are located here (https://github.com/destroyerdust/NosgothLFG/issues).

And as a closer here is a direct quote from my Reddit post:
Feel free to give me your thoughts and remember, the humans must die!