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26th Jan 2015, 19:09

Well first of all I started with Soul Reaver on the PS1 back in the days and a couple of years ago I bought the entire
series on the PC. I think it is one of the best if not the best vampire game series on all gaming platforms.

Today I started playing Nosgoth for the first time, I'm very impressed with the fact that I did not notice any
bugs after around 5 hours of playing. I think everything is in good harmony with another and working.

The servers are excellent, very low ping !

My suggestions :

- 5.1 surround sound ( I can only choose stereo)
- faster input, reaction time of the game ( if a vampire launches at me from a distance I still want to be able to hit it with a spell or to be able to shoot it) ; now the human player does not do anything, I also noticed it when changing attack or when beying attacked
- smoother gameplay, the first thing I noticed was that the game is a little woody, not fluent enough

Questions :

What will this game cost ? If all upgrades have to payed for I would suggest below or 10 euro's.

Keep on going !

Sebastian Lachmann
Europe Belgium

26th Jan 2015, 19:20
Free to play only thing u have to pay for with real money is boosters, for xp and gold, and cosmetic stuff

26th Jan 2015, 19:25
The stereo option is actually 5.1 sound. Hope they clear this up any time soon.
The game would be unplayable with all the important sound cues from the vampires and abilities.

The game is free to play and the weapons/abilities are true sidegrades, there are no upgrades. So, go ahead and earn them with gold by playing instead of putting money at it. Save the money for the great skins and banners :)


26th Jan 2015, 22:55
Thnks for the info.

I have another suggestion for gameplay with the Tyrant :

- when doing the jump attack I think a aiming circle (impact radious) should be made. Also making the jump more adjustable would be great, mostly I'm never far enough to actually land where I want to (straight up should be possible to) so now I use the charge attack again.

28th Jan 2015, 13:51
jump takes getting used to but i can land ware i want after a little practice im fine if they do or dont do this though

28th Jan 2015, 15:33
I tryed again today and in the flashpoint mode it does work much better. However in a deathmatch you have to be much faster in attacks so a aiming circle that is adjustable would be very usefull.