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26th Jan 2015, 18:16
I think that it would make sense if the humans could revive their allies because when they have been killed they are still moving around, this is when a vampire can execute them, but that got me thinking, why can't the humans revive them when they're down and waiting to be executed? They're still alive and wriggling around on the floor, which means that technically they're not dead! This would also make the the two sides more even and give the humans more of a chance to survive if they're struggling.
I also thought that because executing gives vampires a health boost, reviving should give the humans a morale boost or something which adds to their health and damage.
I personally would like to see this added into the game and I hope you agree :)

26th Jan 2015, 18:58
While I love shooters with reviving functions from WET over ETQW to BRINK and now Dirty Bomb, I dont think it has its place here, sorry.

26th Jan 2015, 19:06
I don't see it working in the current game modes however who is to say that it cant happen in another game mode. If it was to be permitted I don't see it functioning well for Vampires but Humans might be able to do it. Maybe a game mode where Humans get a limited number of lives while Vampires have unlimited?

However this kind of goes against what it would mean to be killed by a Vampire really! You never know what the Devs will bring in.

26th Jan 2015, 19:32
No thanks; this would affect balance negatively. Perhaps it'd work in a future game mode.

27th Jan 2015, 00:41
I for one support the idea. It would make the vampires press the advantage, and REALLY escalate team play. It shouldn't be easy to revive but i think it should be possible. It would make executions not just a gimmick to heal but a real mechanic. Kind of like Guildwars 2. I also wouldn't mind seeing this for vampires, because we all know that they usually lore wise require care in killing :) Perhaps once human execution comes out, we can see revival mechanics.

27th Jan 2015, 04:18
As appealing as this idea may be to a lot of players that enjoy this mechanic, I will vote against it. Please note that it may very well fit possible new game modes that will be introduced further down the track, but I don't think it has place in the current state of the game and here is why:

Vampires are the aggressors and they rely on planning and executing a team engagement. Every time you go in as a team, you hope to get at least a favourable exchange of kills. Getting kills is essential because feeding is the only way to effectively stay in the game upon taking heavy damage in a team fight. Giving Humans the ability to revive their teammates makes it very hard for Vampires to have any control of the score. Here is a simple scenario that I think can demonstrate why it will be unfair for this mechanic to exist in the current state of the game:

Vampires start a fight, as a result of which let's say two Humans and two Vampires die. Now remaining Vampires have to disengage in case fight isn't going favourably for them. Now we know that bodies stay "executable" for quite some time. One Human player will have enough time to revive at least one of his team mates while another one is backing him up. Now, you can say that Vampires can camp the corpse and try to deny the revive, which actually makes their positioning and approach predictable and gets them easily exposed. Now there are two ways this situation can work out:

1) One of the remaining Human players goes to revive one of his fallen comrades while another survivor is backing him up. Two remaining Vampires, greedy for kills, go in to an exposed location where the Human player fell. They score one more kill on a Human attempting the revive, while one of the Vampires dies in the process. Last Human standing revives the last person to die and Humans are now leading 3:2, while Vampires have one teammate that is severely injured, limiting their options for the next fight.

2) Vampires decide to not get greedy and leave the Humans revive one person. Humans lead 2:1 and have now re-spawned, while Vampires have two players at around 60% health for the next fight, which puts them even at a higher disadvantage.

Now imagine a worst case scenario, where Vampires fought and lost a fight with one Human remaining. He will be able freely revive at least one teammate, making the score 4:2 in Human's favour.

Bottom line:
Revives will make ANY fight that is favourable for Humans let them press the advantage even further with an ability to completely deny any score Vampires got going.

Vampires are the aggressors. Forcing them into an uncomfortable position and bad engagements to deny revives will make the game unbearably unfair for them as it limits their options to get good exchanges. With revives in this game the way it is, the only possible way for Vampire team to ever win a match is to win every single engagement without exception, which already can prove to be challenging.

Sorry for the wall of text, trying to be constructive about expressing an opinion.

27th Jan 2015, 09:39
Revive for humans sounds like a bad idea, but the other way round round could work.
Back in the golden HL-Mod days there was a little gem called "Vampire Slayer" somewhat similar to nosgoth (and the reason I started Nosgoth in the first place).

In this mod vampires were only downed by the humans and had to be staked to really die. If not staked within a certain amount of time (several seconds) the vampire stood up again (with low hp).

I think this would work in the current Meta, but is not really necessary + I don't know if it fits in the lore ^^

27th Jan 2015, 10:24
hello the idea is cool but as a skill for the prophet abusing revive on humans gonna ruin the game, because reviving a teamate in the heat of a battle is quite an advantage abusing it gonna unbalance the game , humans need to be outnumbered sometimes as vamps are sometimes and bringing a teamate to life in the heat of the battle with all of his skills and dps is a huge advantage so let the revive be a skill and with big cool down one for the prophet thats my opinion

27th Jan 2015, 18:00
This skill would be bad for TDM or Flashpoint at the moment for all the reasons listed above. Perhaps in a different game mode.

28th Jan 2015, 07:47
I don't think so
revive will ruin game balance

28th Jan 2015, 08:55
i wouldnt mind seeing it mainly since i think humans could use a slight boost. maybe only the alchemist and witch could do it maybe?

28th Jan 2015, 13:53
i wouldnt mind seeing it mainly since i think humans could use a slight boost. maybe only the alchemist and witch could do it maybe?

humans do NOT need a boost, play a little longer and you will see what im saying!

28th Jan 2015, 18:44
Instead of reviving, maybe give a class (Alchemist comes to mind) a skill that allows them to booby-trap a corpse. If a vampire attempts execution, their face gets blown off.