View Full Version : Joke / Test mode.

26th Jan 2015, 12:39
Given how precarious the balance of the factions are, what say we add a 'joke' mode?
Basically a test mode where possible ideas are added.
New weapons, powers, classes and random tweaks to stats.
So long as they're still within the realm of reason, I think a lot of experimentation can be done there.
It would be a pretty fun mode while it's around.

Extra : This mode should only be considered if the playerbase is large enough.
Extra : It should also be 'locked' most of the time to prevent players hanging out there and taking away from the game.
(basically, an event-like beta mode within the beta. DOUBLE BETA.)

p.s. Given what I've seen of the 'balancing' work done so far, this is quite unnecessary and I'm mostly suggesting it for fun. Though it may have practical uses in terms of player feedback on changes.

26th Jan 2015, 13:14
A sandbox for testing purposes is in the works.
Same for a less competitive and more casual gameplay mode. Guess it will take some time though, flashpoint is not even 2 weeks old now.