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26th Jan 2015, 00:34
I'm of two minds of this, but one of those minds is significantly bigger than the other. As a new player, certainly the double experience was a great incentive to start playing the game. "How generous," I thought.

However, I'm starting to regret having started playing the game this week. With double the experience, I quickly overqualified for New Recruit, despite not feeling even a little ready to join the main 4v4 Deathmatch games. I'm not a hopeless player, but only a few hours in New Recruit has not been enough (for me, anyway) to really get things together and figure out how to play the game without losing over and over and over again without even understanding why or how I lost, or how to work with my teams in a way that makes the team stronger.

Of course, having the double experience unlock the classes more quickly is great, but by the time you unlock them, you're out of New Recruit and completely clueless as to how to play them in a match. This means I essentially end up playing Hunters and Reavers, because they're classes I know well enough how to play without COMPLETELY ruining the match for my team.

Furthermore, regarding some of the abilities used on me from classes I haven't unlocked yet: I have no idea what they are or what they do or sometimes even who cast them on me--and this often results in a meaningless death that provides no information on what I did wrong or how to avoid it in future. As an example, there's debuff I'm assuming the Prophet casts which seems to slow me down and take away my attack, but I don't know how to avoid getting hit by it or if it's coming or how long it lasts or what it's even called. And I'm still not sure it's even the prophet that casts it. Maybe some after-death information could clarify such things.

I'd like more resources or in-game tutorials (or even some kind of game mode) establishing the basics effective teamwork--particularly as the humans. A good human team, I've found, can slaughter a bad vampire team like it were nothing. I have never had the pleasure of playing on such a team myself, which can only mean I make my teams weaker.

I find myself dearly wishing that I could drop half of my experience, drop back down to level 8 and qualify for New Recruit so I can get a better feel for how the game is played without the nagging consciousness that I win about 31% of the time and am forced to endure the ENDLESS barrage of how noobish I am, as if I weren't perfectly aware of it.

I guess in a nutshell, I'd have to say the game isn't very noob friendly--and the learning curve seems gentle enough at first and then suddenly blasts up in to perpendicularity. I know that one aspect of learning any game at all is to understand what you've done wrong when you die or lose--but at times the game doesn't provide enough information to assist that way. The number of times I've died and then thought to myself "...im twelve and wat is this..." is ludicrously high. Quitting a game is such poor sportsmanship, but I've been guilty of this once or twice. I wouldn't call it rage-quitting so much as just sad-quitting, pathetic as it sounds.

I guess this is more complainy than feedbacky, so I will say: I love this game and I can't stop playing it. I've put in twelve hours this weekend and am likely to put in more. Exploring its nuances is fascinating. Good teamwork is exhilarating (though when I provide this, it tends to be accidentally...), and the number of close scrapes and sudden overrunning of positions are astonishingly satisfying. It feels great to be a vampire, and being a human makes me nervous as hell--which is fun.

TL;DR --
* Double experience = levelling too fast for noob bracket to be effective.
* Not very explicit about how a class benefits a team.
* Unclear or even useless after-death information.
* Game doesn't facilitate learning teamwork.
* Getting humiliatingly slaughtered often as badly as 60 - 12 makes me wonder if the "matchmaker" is just joking.

* Mentally invigorating.
* Exciting as hell.
* Full of crowning moments of awesome.
* Difficult to quit playing for long.
* Intriguing and great to experiment with.
* Classes are well balanced and both rewarding to play.
* 10/10 would play again

26th Jan 2015, 04:49
Overall good feedback :thumb:.

1.They double XP problem was actually discussed here just prior to open beta, with that discussion leading to the new recruit cap being raised from 10-15. A few levels higher might have been better given the double XP but I think 15 will be a good place after this week.
2. There is a bit off trial and error when learning classes and teamwork, but that is half the fun of trying a new game isn't it?
3. Not sure what the problem is with after death? It tells you damage dealt to you in that life and how it was done.
4. Common sense is required to execute teamwork and that's about it. Stay together, engage as group, spread out a bit (human) because AOEs exist, keep line of sight so you can help your buddies, Use your abilities appropriately (takes time to learn).
5. Matchmaking is never perfect, but it is given a bad rap often because parties are rarely split even if they are vastly more skilled/experienced than the people they are playing against.

6. Glad you still enjoy the game that much!