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25th Jan 2015, 20:52
Nosgoth is an amazing game, hell it's one of the best games of this year. Although every game comes with its pros and cons. Now I'm not going to judge this game like some crazy person. This game is still in open beta and it will have its cons.
This thread is only pointing out some things in the game that need to be tweaked or fixed. So lets get into it with firstly the Pros.

Pros :

Combat/Gameplay - The combat in nosgoth is very unique and covers multiple play-styles. If you like being a stealthy vampire picking off enemies who are alone, go for it. Or an alchemist who gets right in the nick of battle, trying to deal as much damage as possible, thats ok. This is a very good system, because some games might limit your play-style and most of us don't like that. Which is possibly why skyrim is so popular.

Classes/Teamwork - Each class in nosgoth plays a different role that can help its team in various ways, and each class is a hell of alot of fun to play. While i do prefer the vampires over humans, both sides are extremely fun to play. I find that when I'm in a match, if one of my team-mates screws up then we all fail. Some people don't like this, but to be honest this is something that needs to be here. This mechanic encourages team-work, and for people to always stick together. This mechanic may be changed in the future, but I'm sure its here to stay.

Customization - There is almost (just almost) , hundreds of items to customize your classes the way you want. For instance i like my reaver to be able to pick off enemies who are alone, and get the hell outta there. So i have perks that make me climb faster, and abilities that make me immune to most damage if needed. Or maybe you don't like being fast, and you want brute strength. Well you can do that as well, simply pick up a few perks and abilities that help you will that play-style. This is a very good system that i hope they focus on improving even more.

Now for the Cons.....

Optimization - Nosgoth has some things in its game that are not very well optimized. As an example lets take a look at this.

If I'm building something with the unreal engine, say maybe a car? I can take 10,000 pixels and make that car. But i can also make the same exact car, and have it look completely the same with only 1,000 pixels (which could mean less strain). This might not be the way you make something with their engine, but its only an example. They could handle optimizing this game alot better, if they just took the time and effort to do so. I see many people even with high end gaming rigs having FPS issues. Don't try to make this game's graphics look like battlefield, because it doesn't need to be. This game is set in the olden days (i cant be sure if its medieval), so why does it need to have "WOAH LOOK AT THOSE GRAPHICS!". This can lead to performance issues for many people, and it already has. Many people are complaining about FPS drops so far to 10 FPS. I play at 30 fps, and I've seen it drop to 8-5 fps.
The game looks fine already as the way it is, all the devs must do is to simply try to optimize the game better.

Con/But not really a con -

Content/Updates - Now before we even get into to this, i just want to say. This game is in open beta, so content is most likely coming. I simply want to focus on something that i think is very important...Persistence of Originality. I really love this game, but there is something that i am deeply afraid of. That the devs will put in a few maps and classes and simply stop putting in content. This is mostly what happened to games like APB Reloaded and Champions Online. This is not really a Con, just a heads up. Please don't do what some of these other games do. This game has a ton of potential, just don't get to hasty with it. Or simply think that "Oh this game is badass we should stop improving it". I'd hate to see this happen, because it would mean the death of this game.

So that' pretty much it. If you have any comments or disagreements, please let me know. Now as for the devs you guys take a long rest because in the morning, you have millions of people counting on you :).

P.S. - The games i listed besides nosgoth were simply examples. I am not trying to bash any of those games.

Sincerely, Butters. :wave: