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25th Jan 2015, 19:13
Despite being the weakest class in terms of health, Deceivers can consistently win 1v1 when activating Illusion. Even if you knew which of the three is the right one, you simply don't have enough time to kill him. I feel a nerf is in order.


- Illusions do no damage
- reduced time illusions last for
- drop Deceiver effective HP ( straight up total health or regen penalty )

Thoughts ?

25th Jan 2015, 19:23
Deceiver is a good 1v1 killer but only if he gets the drop on you. That is the benefit on a Deceiver Stealth up and Backstab and a few swipes and he has you however this is more or less the same in CGC with any Vampire. The Deceiver is easy to kill if you know where he is coming from AOE can take down his health and make him a easy target to pick off.

I will say the Deceiver is lacking quite a few skills and I would welcome more skills for him especially a ranged AOE preferably mind control of some sort.

If you are new I would suggest you play Deceiver for a while in TDM and see if you have the same thoughts about nerfing him. If you have played him I would suggest you try and watch other people play it if you find it too easy to play you will be amused how badly other people play it.

25th Jan 2015, 19:25
Deceiver is fine, and Illusions are weak. Once you get used to them you can pick the fakes out pretty easily by watching their behavior ... they definitely don't give enough time to score a kill. A nerf would be silly.

25th Jan 2015, 19:54
Deciver need´s a lot of Practice.
Besides that, its not to Strong.There is Balance in this game, new Players may not see this directly.

25th Jan 2015, 20:26
Illusions doesnt even do damage...........

25th Jan 2015, 20:48
If you find yourself facing a team with a Deceiver, try sticking relatively close to your team and do not spread infect to them. If you hear the trademark sound of back stab, turn yourself TOWARDS the attack if you cannot dodge it; it will do less damage like that.

Also, the more damage you can do to them before they get to you, the better. Deceivers have notoriously loud footsteps. Make sure you're listening and you can pinpoint exactly where they are coming from, making it a lot harder for them to do serious damage to you.

Also, if your team can hold a position you can have one teammate who stays in line of sight of your team, but aggressively searches common hiding spots. This prevents the enemy team from getting a real good initiation against the humans, and can greatly decrease a Deceiver's effectiveness.

26th Jan 2015, 00:37
Some stuff to point out:
Deceiver has the same health as sentinel and all humans, reaver has 50 less and illusions don't do damage. Alchemists are very good vs deceivers since bombs dispel illusion in one shot, and fire spells will reveal him in phase or disguise.

26th Jan 2015, 00:56
The Deceiver takes a lot of practice to know exactly what tactics work and what ones don't. I've had many times where just walking in gets you team-focused instantly, which leads to a swift death. If you do see a deceiver, wait until he pops illusions to use a hunter's exploding shot or similar ability because it will dispel them leaving the original exposed.

Deceivers and Sentinels have a harder time with 1v1'ing a human as opposed to the other vamps because of their general lack of escapes (minus takeoff for sents). If you expose them and don't let them get away you should be fine, just have some team backup before pursuing.

Generally, watching other people streaming or on youtube will help you understand what's going on better if you're a new player because you'll be watching everything rather than expecting to react to it all at once. Tutorials are a good place to start if you're having trouble with specific classes and their abilities and practicing them in pubs (public lobbies) and private servers are the next step to mastering them. Don't give up or get discouraged just because you lost the first (or 5th) time. I was a bad player once, but after practicing for along time the game and it's slight nuances comes off as second nature almost.

tl;dr tutorials, practice, and teamwork wins matches.

26th Jan 2015, 04:26
Thoughts ?

Deceivers or any vamp are tough to beat 1v1 if they manage to reach melee range at full hp. Deceivers have an easier time doing this than most classes however there are still way to catch it approaching you.

1. You can hear his footsteps
2. There are smoke visible footstep smoke puffs
3. If you know where he starts when he cloaked you can often guess his line of approach.
4. You can fish for his position by shooting your weapon and observing the smoke/noise when you land a hit.

5. I felt the need to add this although it makes me sad to need to. If you know they enemy team has a deceiver make sure you know where you teammates are. If an extra random dude appears somewhere and walks towards you in an odd fashion HE IS IN FACT NOT A DUDE. He is a terrible deceiver. End him, gib him, and make him pay for his laziness.

If the deceiver gets bola'd on approach while invisible it is a dead deceiver, and it is easier to do than you might think. Your problem has nothing to do with the EHP of deceiver and everything to do with getting caught with your pants down. Also probably the fact that there is almost no teamwork occurring in public matches.

P.S. Illusions already do no damage.

26th Jan 2015, 05:35
Deceiver is a good class, but it's definitely no where near as mighty and powerful as you described. The problem that gives way to this misconception is that new players don't have enough experience yet to know how to play against one and it probably does take a while to get used to. Practice makes perfect, and eventually you'll see that he's great in his own way but no stronger than any other vampire.

+1 to the rest of the points about Illusions, HP, vampire 1v1 capabilities and ways to play against Deceivers.