View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Suggestions for confusing colours on teammates.

25th Jan 2015, 16:18
Hi there, just tried Nosgoth for the first time now, I love it. One thing that stood out as a huge distraction from my point of view was that as you're playing (eg TDM), your teammates glows keep changing according to their health, wouldn't it be better to change those colours on their character icons (in top left) rather than on their characters itself, because in the heat of battle, if your own teammate is low on health and showing up as red, subconsciously you want to go after them thinking they are the enemy. So in a nutshell, if you need to show colours, keep it to the character icons, keep teammates green, period, if an enemy is highlight at all, then make them red rather. I hope this helps.

25th Jan 2015, 17:21
Yeah, I had that too and new players tend to react the same way. I thought red was enemies. But you get used to it fast.

Btw, red doesn't mean they're low on health, it means they are being attacked.

25th Jan 2015, 17:49
I guess I played the game so much I never actually paid this any mind.

But I suppose you're right - allies and enemy players should be easily distinguishable while you also must have a clear indication when a teammate is under attack. Honestly I never had issues as I'm used to and very comfortable with the way the game works now, but if there's a way to improve it and make it better - then why not?

25th Jan 2015, 19:23
I disagree ... the red outline on teammates is important to determining when teammates are under attack. I don't think changing the icons in the corner would be nearly as useful (especially since you have to look away from the fight.)

I remember thinking this was awkward when I was new but I quickly became accustomed to it.