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25th Jan 2015, 14:46
Well hello! I was expecting new ways of execution before the new ones came out, i am a fairly old player(130 hours ingame~). So i was thinking the new ones would be very amazing or smth wow/gory. The tyrant one is very disappointing, i expected something like picking the corpse up and crushing his skull while joining his palms then drink the blood dripping from the head, or maybe picking him up and upside down after that pulling out the head with some vertebrae and then letting the blood flow on his face would've been a lot more awesome. I got some new ideas for others too, if you guys are interested. This is just some constructive criticism, altho i love the game i just wanna help make it better. Hope this gets far ^^

26th Jan 2015, 03:23
I think that vampires should be able to execute a corpse in a distance... Or habilities to drink their blood... Like we see on legacy of kain series... I say... More familiary things from lok series


26th Jan 2015, 21:21
i know the nosgoth team is working on humans execution idea but here is mine who know maybe it helps :
here we are dealing with vampires so the stick to the heart concept is still logical so why not add it to the game, the vampires dont die from just bullets and arrows (witch lets say explains the respawn ;) ) the idea here is when a human execut a vampire (like some true death) --stick to the heart decapitation explosion (for the alchemist)-- he can delay the respawn time of the vampir. All is about how much time delay it, i leave it to you to judge

26th Jan 2015, 21:30
I dislike the idea. I have the feeling that those 2 things could happen:
1. The human group might split meaning it gives a disadvantage to human
2. It wont be used.

I would have some hp regen idea on this.
Sometimes after a fight I just lost about 200 hp. Im using the supply station for full hp.
So what if you make something like that:
If you execute a Vamp you get +100 health (because of motivation for the human if you need a reason for the heal).
You can restore up to 300 health with that. (So 3 Vamps to get to this limit).
If you die and respawn you can restore 300 health again with execution.

I hope everything was understandable.

27th Jan 2015, 10:09
hello phytik apreciate your opinion but for the first and second points this is lets say a tactical choice of the player he has to see if teamate need more cover from him if it isnt the case doing the execution will help the humans by keeping the executed vamp off the battle for a reasonable time (yet to be determined) that will give the humans some time to reorganize or go to health stations.
for the health regen am against the idea humans have health stations and gaining health from executing a vamp, dont see how its realy logical (as you see am a prety logic guy :P ) i kind of like the health station mechanics that pushes humans to cover each other. and having 2 sources of health for human is not good for the game imo. As a human when a vamp is executing me i am somehow pissed of for a vamp getting its respawn delayed for some seconds gonna be enraging too 3:) that will make vamps not rush like camikaze whithout thinking of the penality of death
what do you think ?