View Full Version : Any updates?

25th Jan 2015, 14:30
It's been quite a while since we were given any sort of update or revelation about game details. It would be nice if the devs could keep the fans updated on simple aspects (old disguise system? voice actors? etc) or other details such as when we can expect an actual demo of the game.

26th Jan 2015, 13:56
Hey Topper, there will be a lot more information coming this year compared to last. We know that our fans want info and we're here to answer what we can right now. We want to share more info once we're ready to talk in a whole lot more detail about the game we're creating. I can appreciate that it's frustrating to not know any more solid information and hope that it'll be worth it once we do lift the lid on it.

Are disguise and voice actors the top things on your list that you want to know more about?

26th Jan 2015, 19:54

And please give us this year information about the Soundtrack. Whether Jesper kyd will come back! :)

27th Jan 2015, 05:47
the only things that I can't wait to know:
_Will David bateson back?(if you create a amazing game,I won't consider it a hitman game without him.and I'll boycott it)
_Is it possible that Jesper Kyd comes back?
I can wait for other things...