View Full Version : Clan Opening- Best only for a 4 member clan

25th Jan 2015, 07:11
Hi guys! names ruo and I've been playing a lot of nosgoth.(its just fun!)
The only things i dont like is **** teammates and bad matchmaking, and we can get rid of that by forming a team. Im a scout and deceiver player.

I'm pretty good, dont no how much but im above average that's for sure, and i get first place alot.
So what am i looking for in my new teammates? these things:
- Good English(im not amazing at English. but we need it fro communication)
- Be good, Have team sportsmanship!
- NOT NEW (looking for good. sorry new comers!)

- Skype
- Age withing 15-19
- Player zone: Europe.

Contact me via my Steam: :) (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030286513)

9th Feb 2015, 18:12

11th Feb 2015, 11:24
hi, add me on steam, steam name is stojan93, im good not great, level 31 i think with a solid kdr, from europe but no skype, age 21, i can play all classes but dont really take summoner, prophet or reaver to much.