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25th Jan 2015, 06:22
I just found this game by browsing the free-to-play games on steam and I thought it looked really good, and I was really taken with its style and the idea behind it. I still think this game has a lot of promise, and I hope what I am about to say is taken as criticism of a great idea, and what can be a great game with only a few tweaks.

I'm having a lot of problems with it. I told my friends about it, and they tried to refer me. They could not. That's OK, I guess, it would be nice to have the in game currency, but I'm fine with just playing it for the sake of the game.

Sometimes my friends can join my party and we queue up just fine, but sometimes the party leader can't see other people who have accepted invite, even though the people who join can see the party leader, and upon trying to rejoin it confirms that the player is already in that party. Queuing up doesn't work when this happens, not at all. This is really bad. Playing with random pull up groups is fine for a while, but I prefer a group of people who will communicate on mics, and pugs just don't do that. I wish they did, but they don't. I understand that not everyone wants to play this like a squad game and thats fine, but a lack of 'competitive' mode where a mic is required means that I have to play in the kiddie pool. That gets old. I understand this is beta. I don't understand why there is not a mode for myself, and others who have also expressed frustration when your fellow humans run off in three separate directions at spawn.

The gameplay is really erratic. Sometimes it works perfectly but other times damage gets delivered in 'waves', sometimes well after I've left combat. My ping is below 30, even according to other players. My friends are also having this issue.

Can we maybe get a banner alert in the game to indicate if the servers are having known issues? At least I would know what to expect in terms of problems, and not expect the very enjoyable experience of the game working optimally only to get a stuttering lag storm of fettered movement followed by instant, inexplicable death.

I've played the Tyrant class quite a bit, and I have to say that getting the hang of the leap attack seems very hard. Why is there no indicator of where I'm aiming? Sometimes I can completely arrest my momentum while mid jump to dynamically aim my fall, but other times my path seems 'locked in' and I can't change it at all. Sometimes I clip the side of a doodad or building and spend the concussion, sometimes I slide off the edge of a building like its made out of greased glass and plummet to the earth. With no indicator of where I will land, this will only become more frustrating. I'd like to see the leap attack worked on, as only having the ability to leap at a 45o is really limiting in nearly all the maps so far, which are laden with towers, bridges, and other cover. The point at which trees become impassible to the leap is also not clear at all. Either appealing to intuition or having animated indicators is a necessity, both would be ideal.

One general mechanic I draw issue with is the corpse grab. It should not be a toggle, but rather a hold. If I walk over a corpse while holding the appropriate key, it should pick them up along the way. A toggle is not appropriate in this case simply because there is, once again, no indicated radius at which interaction is possible, which leaves me often times taking half steps and pausing while I try to pick up a corpse, only to have the animation engage just as I hit the key again, dropping the corpse. A hold-style command would circumvent this problem completely. I would still like an indicator of the corpses 'hit box' though.

25th Jan 2015, 15:59
ill try to address all the points.

the party issues are known are pretty major, until then you can stomp pubs if you are good enough. And yes some games might suck; either man up and try keep a positive score 1v4, or just shrug it off.

I have higher ping and never had the damage in waves issue, keep in mind there is a human bow the give the majority of damage in delay after it hits you, either that or you get poisoned which keeps damaging you over a short while, if it neither then you just getting shot without knowing it.

not sure about server issues, playing on EU seems fine to me, might be different in other places though.

I dont play the tyrant but i would give my two cents in case he is in fact not broken. Most attacks and grandes in this game are not very intuitive in terms of where they would land, it requires time to learn how to aim it all, i would bet the tyrant leap is the same, and in general its not really the best skill to have on him. and no indicator of landing is common to all classes, try playing reaver with leap or savage pounce, you will see how fast this game gets hard in terms of landing ****,brace yourself and instead of asking the developers for help, learn to play the game the way it is, remember you are new to this game.

This is where your post turns ridiculous, you approach the corpse, when the big letters above the corpse head appear, you press "e" and its grabbed. Its the same way with pretty much any interaction object in either this game or in any other game, and it works great this way, i see no problem unless your client is broken.