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25th Jan 2015, 05:32
Stated in one of the patch notes each "tier" will have a benefit and a negeative.

How come I have a multibow that on the second tier has one benefit and TWO Negatives?
-8% weapon recoil Benefit
-5% Clip Size
-10% Ammo Capacity

Thats 2 negatives for 1 benfit...

25th Jan 2015, 06:56
It appears these "two" negatives are linked and will appear as a pair whenever they show up.

25th Jan 2015, 07:06
Exactly what Zithkor said, that is actually ONE attribute. If you have a careful look at what [Tinkerer] perk has to offer, it gives you [+clip size AND +ammo capacity]. Attributes on Mystery Items pretty much correlate to perks in this game, except the number values are less than of an actual perk and can also be negative (as a balance offset).

So when you are looking at [clip size / ammo capacity] attribute, the pair is just one single thing. On a separate note, if you are unhappy with your attributes on this particular Mystery Item you will be able to re-roll them at random when crafting system comes out.

25th Jan 2015, 09:04

Same goes for:
-/+5% Attack Speed, -/+5% Move speed for 5 sec. upon kill.