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25th Jan 2015, 03:11
I got a bit excited watching the last live-stream,hearing the devs mentioning about a 7 vs 1 game mode they were thinking about. So it reminded me of this suggestion made a while back....i thought i'd liven it up a bit, as it seems a bit forgotten.


"I thought this a while back...
I'm not sure if it is silly...i will see from the others feedback.

Since we know Dumah will ultimately be defeated. Make a survival game mode where you play as Dumah, and try to survive as long as possible in your throne room, as you hold off hordes of humans (which could be players...1 player is Dumah, all others are Humans).
Although this only takes place at the latest part of the story, where Dumah is already greatly devolved...


Later on VVZigel made some improvements to the idea:

"This thread would be a continuation of http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=7381
I just thought that this might actually be a good idea to create a separate thread for this topic... Feel free to contribute.

IMO - there isn't much to be said or added on that matter, despite that this mode seems to me like some kind of good old "Protect the V.I.P.". That being said, map objectives would end up like this:

- Storm the vampire citadel.
- Assault the Patriarch.

- Protect the Patriarch.

Knowing this - we can already imagine what kind of map it might end up looking like, however, there are a few questionalbe points.

1)Q: How do we handle Dumah? Is it a PC or an NPC?
A: IMO - he should be a PC, but in order to balance things out and prevent that monstrosity from roaming the map since the very beginning - he should be spawned only after all previous human objectives have been completed and their current one is to assault the Patriarch.
Objective 1 - Lower the bridge. - Done.
Objective 2 - Open the gates. - Done.
Objective 3 - Assault the Patriarch. - In progress. - this event should trigger Dumah to spawn. Until then - he should not be present on the map at all and have access to his room blocked from eveyone, including vampires.

2)Q: How would a player be chosen to be Dumah?
A: Pure random. Lets give everyone a chance! As soon as humans recieve their final task - one of the vampire players is respawned as Dumah.

3)Q: How powerful should Dumah be?
A: IMO - crazy powerful, like insta-kill attacks and such. He is a bloody Patriarch after all, you don't joke around such creatures! As we can remember from SR1 - he was a hulknig brute, thus we obviously see what kind of strengths and weaknesses he might possess, implying that humans should be using hit-and-run tactics, which is absolutely logical and fits their current ranged-only agenda. In order to balance things around lesser vampires - once final objective is revealed - they should have treir respawn timers incresed. By how much? - No idea just yet. But long enough to give humans an opportunity to fight Dumah.

4)Q: How is Dumah going be killed? In SR1 he was impaled with 3 spikes.
A: IMO - that particular moment shouldn't be precise. Not only humans would have to fight a mostrous creature protected by minions, but also somehow impale it on 3 spikes?.. Please... I think that giving Dumah an abundant amount of HP should be more than enough. The process of impalement should be purely cosmetical - like some kind of outro when humans win the match. Because if you remember - Dumah was impaled on his throne and I really doubt it was done voluntarily.

5)Q: What are the conditions for humans to lose the match?
A: Simple! - We put a timer here. Once their time runs out - humans lose.

P.s. Well that is it... I hope this ends up being helpful. I am very sorry for any mistakes and overall simplicity of my speech - English ain't my native language, but I try to do my best."


and my response:
"I like what you said...and have a few things to add:

Number 1, i just think that Dumah MUST BE PLAYABLE!! That's the whole motive why it would be cool

Number 2, agreed.

Number 3, agreed.

Number 4, i like the idea
I thought of perhaps something like each time you get Dumah's health low, he enters a stunned state, and then you can impale him (Leaving the possibility of the other vampires to "save" him, stopping him from being impaled). And after 3 successful impalement's Humans win (Dumah is very weaken and so possible for him to be bound to his throne).

Number 5, well we know for a fact that Dumah does lose at some point. So, i originally thought of a mode which was a survival...BUT...
I must say that i very much prefer this one, a possibility to "win" for the vampire gives it an incentive
But the vampires cant "win" technically, as it would contradict the story. Maybe it could be something like:
-If humans win, it goes just as told in SR1
-If vampires win, it was just a distraction for a bigger ambush, and in the end Dumah still gets impaled. "

25th Jan 2015, 03:38
Since he only learned the constrict/drain attacks after spending centuries in the spectral realm, he'll need some different attacks. Maybe he'd have a long tongue like his clan eventually get and he could use that as a weapon. The humans could cut it out at the end or something. He could also have those blades that fan out from his wrists like Daniel said his clan would use.

Something like this would suit his samurai inspired design.