View Full Version : Working on new Skill and Scarping under used ones??

25th Jan 2015, 00:08
Hi Team at Psyonix and Square Enix.

Watched the recent stream for Nosgoth and saw that you were going to start working on new skills for classes and dropping skills that don't get used often enough, after the new classes drop which look erally nice and i can't wait to see how the Shield Bearer plays. My concern is for the Sent class which is my main Vampire class, i'm not sure how well used Echolocation is, but that's one of my main skills so if it's found to be underused please don't scrape it. Also an idea for a main skill/attack i have is like a charge attack where the Sent dives down spreads it's wings, and the momentum of the dive kinda guillotines the human, the Drawback of this ability would be either damage to the Sent cuz im pretty sure that ramming someone with ur wings would hurt or collapsing to the ground shortly afterwards. Theirs are ideas and hopes. But other then that keep making an awesome game and i can't wait for the sixth human and the Rahabim Clan.

25th Jan 2015, 02:43
Something clearly got lost in translation. They aren't scrapping any skills. They are going to take a balance pass on -all- the underused gear/equipment. Meaning your echolocation is likely going to be on the receiving end of a buff.

25th Jan 2015, 06:06
Oh ok maybe i did get lost a-bit if thats the case then i have no idea wat they could do with Echolocation maybe make it ping enemie son the map for other Vamps or do the Shadow smoke thing were they get highlighted.

Anyways thanks for correcting me as thats the only Sent Skill that i use in the slot.