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24th Jan 2015, 20:22
Hello.Atm I think that vampires have a great advantage over Humans, Stun / KB / Atk Speed / Mov Speed And, unfortunately, you can Chain CC ,i think Vampires have a lot more to offer than Humans.

What is your opinion on the CC and Balance ?

24th Jan 2015, 21:05
I see what you mean, getting kidnapped nd then savage pounced = death and deceiver poping illusions early to fluster a team while tyrants enter is a pain...but humans can use prophets curse on a teammates position to protect them, use healing mist for medic alch, marked target is a great counter to deceive before he activate illusions, and the hunters bola or grenade in a group fight is going to = someones death... Idk though, i think humans have it good, just need teamplay, the problem is when you have a party of vamps that have rehearsed there strategy or have good communication. I think its a hard thing to fix, and not solvable my nerfing or buffing either side without breaking the game and making it not fun..

My suggestion is have the Nosgoth youtube channel make some guides on team strategy for both sides and provide a link to the channel through game menu, have a suggestion at the end of tutorial mode to view "Team" strategy's on the channel link...show stuff like - Using scouts trap where your prophet stands and using curse where scout stands, deploy firewall vertically in a door way has the target will be in fire longer to get through. Us dominate mind on a human while a reaver throws smoke, leaps him, pops haste and finishes him, while rest of team distracts by trying for kills.

Also on a side note if your mainly talking about atk speed , then ye I think its fine, vampire are vampires after all.

24th Jan 2015, 22:25
I expected these threads to pop up. The OP's post is the same thing we see with every new player to the game almost without exception. When you first start playing, yes, the vampires do appear to have the advantage, they can hit fast and do really well 1v1 against newer players, however, when you reach the higher levels of gameplay where humans are coordinated you'll find the situation is quite the opposite.

At higher levels of play an organized human team (one that knows when to CC, covers allies, and focus fire) is completely unbeatable. The human's DPS is higher, they have better aoe (a human that rolls out of a reaver poison cloud can still shoot the reaver, a reaver that rolls away to get out of a scout's arrow volley cannot keep dpsing while the humans shoot him), their CC is just as good if not better, and while the vamps do have better mobility a good human will shoot you as you're trying to run away, nail you just as your evasion ends to get a kill, bola you when you dive in as a sentinel, etc. This has been true since Alpha and while the balance between the two factions is significantly better than it was, there is still a ways to go.

24th Jan 2015, 22:30
The thing is this:

In a perfect team scenario, the vampires will have a hard time countering the CC/AoE-denial of human teams.
But playing Solo queue, this is a distant dream:
While as Vampire you can easily do your own thing and get good results, when you are human, you are reliant on your team.
If the Vampires decide to jump you first, theres nothing you can do about it.

But what's the alternative? Re-balancing the team focused part of the game to make it more solo-friendly?
Clearly that can't be the goal.

25th Jan 2015, 01:20
Humans are stronger ... especially in terms of CC. Bolas, hexes, and more!