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24th Jan 2015, 20:00
As someone who plays with 200-250+ ping on any server, I've yet to fully understand what problems come from this.
So far the effect hasn't sunk in. I've done well amongst pugs.
(well enough that I am definitely contributing rather than feeding 95% of the time)

Here's what I've noticed based on comparisons to videos by others.

1) Shots fired still hit, but the damage is always half a second late. (very minor problem. might be worse later on.)
2) The amount of time you have to predict a pounce(or whatever) is reduced by a second or so. (still minor)
3) Sometimes, you CANNOT 1v1 against humans because of prediction issues. (easily overcome but still annoying)

Anyone else found or is aware of things I may have missed?
I am expecting to try and keep playing until my win rate has been trashed severely enough for a ragequit...
I need to be able to understand the drawbacks I have to deal with to contribute to my team.
There might be much bigger issues when veteran opponents are involved.
Does anyone know what these might be?

24th Jan 2015, 21:20
far as I know sentinels have the biggest problems with high latency.

the reason damage is about a half-second late is because the weapon shots themselves have a higher priority in the client-server interaction (i believe corey himself noted something about this).

25th Jan 2015, 01:21
As a player that spend hundreds of hours playing with 200 latency I can say that you do get used to it and if it's working out for you - that's all that matters. When I started playing this game while Australian servers weren't available yet, I found myself doing just fine. Thing is, it's hard to tell what good/bad ping means without actually feeling it yourself. The first time I got to play at local servers with 20 latency the game just felt extra smooth and responsive, it was a pleasure.

Surprisingly enough, you'll meet a lot of people saying that playing with high ping is an advantage. Can't help but laugh when I hear statements like that. Here are some more examples of "lagvantage" for you that I came to recognise after playing with/without latency:

As you described, there are a lot of problems with you not winning clutch reaction timing. Last night I played with a friend on US servers (200 ping) and I had the following situation happen to me three times: I twitch aimed at a pouncing Reaver with my fully charged Warbow, heard the sound of the arrow going out and the hit, but got pounced 3/3 times. Great fun.

If you're good at reacting to Vampires special abilities, I have to say that when you try to interrupt them with crowd control skills - with good latency you actually can do it, whereas with high ping clutch reactions are impossible. For example, hexing a Reaver that started a kick on you with 200 is impossible (animation will start, your gun will glow green and then you get staggered), whereas with good ping you get your ability off without any problems.

Last hitting in clutch situations (applies to Vampires a lot more often than Humans though). There will be millions of times when you made an attack/shot on the target that is one hit away from dead, heard the sound and saw the blood animation indicating that you hit them, but instead you will die and they will not.

Hit detection suffers incredibly, especially charged melee attacks. You will hear the sound of you clawing someone, but you won't see any damage come out. Sometimes you lose a duel straight up because 3 of the attacks that you landed on your screen actually never did anything.

When playing Tyrant and charging melee attacks in the their face you will sometimes find yourself land in front of them (what you expect when landing a hit), but then your player model will rapidly move around them and appear behind them, doing zero damage.

Sentinel - oh my - sometimes I had situations when I fly through a narrow place where all Humans have clumped up together - and won't pick up a single one while literally flying through all four. I once had a case where the person was standing in the corner, and my player model spent the whole duration of Abduct animation inside their player model, without actually picking them up.

Rest of the classes - you will miss a lot of your Infects, Sweeping Kicks and other things even though it would feel like your aim was perfectly spot on.

Bottom Line
Just sharing my experience, a lot of which is similar to your own. Ping is not fun to play with. You get used to it and you can still do well, but those are the things that most of people are missing out on. Other than that you can still perform well and be useful to your team. But hey, it's "lagvantage", it solely carries games according to some.

25th Jan 2015, 01:24
The largest issues with latency at the moment is that due to the cheat detection systems attacks from human low pingers sometimes (somtimes a majority, if it's bad enough) don't register on higher pinger vampires.

25th Jan 2015, 05:39
The largest issues with latency at the moment is that due to the cheat detection systems attacks from human low pingers sometimes (somtimes a majority, if it's bad enough) don't register on higher pinger vampires.

Shouldn't it be the other way around? Like for example, a high ping vampire dies right after his attack hits but it doesn't register.

25th Jan 2015, 11:08
The largest issues with latency at the moment is that due to the cheat detection systems attacks from human low pingers sometimes (somtimes a majority, if it's bad enough) don't register on higher pinger vampires.

I've actually never seen this.
I take special care not to get poked to death by scouts, but I've yet to 'not' do this and get out scotch free.
How often is sometimes? What classes are these mainly going to work with?

From what Aichry has said, there's a question to be asked...
*VampireMe* is killed with one shot.
With my ping being higher, is the death confirmed from my client or his?

How does the cheat detection system even apply here, though?

Thanks for the info.

25th Jan 2015, 15:31
Normally yes. And that does also happen. But then it's expected. This has been tweaked a few times in patches since Closed Alpha. The game has a built-in cheat detection system. I don't know the details of how it works, but if it detects something off with attacks being too close together then some of them won't get counted. You don't come across it often, but it's been a little over-zealous in the past. That system is what I was talking about, not the actual ping. It's the main reason inter-region ESL stuff has had issues. During normal PUB game play it shouldn't be too much of an issue though.

EDIT: Here's an example: