View Full Version : MISC. Matchmaking desperately needs to be fixed

24th Jan 2015, 12:13
So I started to play Nosgoth recently, and the game has been really fun so far. Probably also due to the fact that I went through my 10 first games with a 100% win percentage. I managed to only lose 2 battles in total and otherwise I was doing exceptionally well. This has however come back to bite me. Hard. When I got to the point where I could no longer play in the recruit battles, I went into regular Team Deathmatches, where I played with a friend. We have managed to lose six games together so far and this is strongly discouraging us from keeping on playing.

I assume that the problem is that our matching rank went really high from all the winning, and now the game is matching us entirely too high for our skill level. And I myself am apparently not the only ones suffering from this problem. I have heard several friends complain about it as well. My friend has more or less given up on the game while I try to soldier thorugh knowing that at some point, the game is going to realize how bad I am at the game.

24th Jan 2015, 12:56
This will never change.
Some time you win a lot, sometimes you loose a lot.

It´s just deatchmatch ? !
If you compare UT, Quake or even Counterstrike, you also win or loose sometimes, i dont undertand all the fuss about the Matchmaking.

You cant make it K/D like that wont work.
I think its basically on a good Path how it is right now.

24th Jan 2015, 18:36
Sorry, but this is a PvP game.
Admittedly time is required... but if you're not able to keep up with the game then it's just the misfortune of it.
Some players will ALWAYS be more skilled, there's no getting around it.
(improving your personal skill is actually not that hard. the rest is up to your team.)

Work on your game, mate.
The matchmaking does have problems elsewhere, this is not one of them.

Yes, the skill-cap can be REALLY high on either side, but this is GOOD.
Improving your PERSONAL skill will improve the team's output.
There's hardly any difficult gimmicks to learn.
(not counting Sentinels, because holy f there's a lot to learn)

Go read up some guides.
They helped me out a lot and I only started playing on OBT release.
Not for long, either. (just got to lv15 today)
I'm able to hold my own in teams and supply good backup. I still have faults, but I'm definitely contributing.
Some enemies were ridiculously hard and there's NO reason for the game to force them into harder games for it.
(scout pokes scare the **** out of me. makes me never want to go near rooftops when they're good enough to reach 16k+ total dmg per round)