View Full Version : LF a group or a clan.

23rd Jan 2015, 18:57
Hello my name is Steven and I have recently came across this game Nosgoth once it got into Open beta since then i have been playing it none stop. You could say i got addicted to it. anyway, let me get right into some of my in game information that may help you decide if you want to add me as a member of your clan or not.

Steam name: Kegsmash

Hours Spent ingame: 40+ hours so far since jan 21 2015

Most played Human Class: The scout is my favorite Class to play and i feel i am good with him. you can check out my game play at

Most played Vampire class: My most played Vampire class is the Reaver, and then follows the deceiver.

Age: I am 24 years old

Where do you live: i live in Ontario, Canada EST time zone.

Voice communication: I have pretty much all voice chat and a working mic.

Times you are available: I'm pretty available most of the time.

Here is my application if you would like to know anything more feel free to reply to this post. Enjoy your day and happy hunting.

31st Jan 2015, 10:30
hello if you are still intrested in playing hit me up http://steamcommunity.com/id/PKK2/