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23rd Jan 2015, 12:28
So I've just started playing, got to level 10 to give it a fair go and I love the game. It's brilliant and I want to really see it reach it's full potential. However there's one niggling problem that I cannot leave be...

I've played easily over 20 games already, I'm nearly level 10 and as yet I don't have enough in-game currency to purchase a single item! I can only afford to unlock things for 7 days (get to that in a bit) and to unlock items permanentlyI would need to play at least twice as many games!

I did the math: Judging by the couple games I've won (which gave me about 80-90 gold) I would need to play -and win- over 30 games in order to get a single perk. Now let's say I lost all my games, that'd be 50 games at 50 gold each for one perk. Out of about 20. Not including other skills and items.

Even the Tutorial rewards and level up bags are paltry! Seven days using a random item doesn't feel rewarding. It just seems to me that the only way to get anything is to pay for runestones, and if so I'm concerned that Nosgoth will be a very short lived cash-cow. Hell, I very nearly quit altogether when I realised how expensive everything was!

I hope after level 10 things pick up, because as it is I'm wavering as to whether or not I'd recommend this game. It has all the elements of a really great TDM and my ONLY critique (and it is a hefty one!) is that it's suffering because of poor marketing strategy: Making real money points the only way to progress scares people off, including me. I really don't want to see that happen to a game that blew me away from the moment I started playing.

---In short---
- 7 day unlocks aren't very rewarding (maybe give a choice of skill or item per 5 class levels and a choice of perk every 5 account levels?)
- Gold needs to be worth having (maybe just increase or double the gold amount per match, and more for victories?)
- Needing constant micro-transactions to progress is a death knell to F2P games. There needs to be a truly viable alternative to spending real world money (see above).
- The more someone is satisfied and enjoys the game the more they're going to WANT to pay for it. Get your customer base hooked and happy then they'll pay anyway.

23rd Jan 2015, 12:40
Cant wait for people to jump in and justify that everything is fine... like with feedback like yours over the last months.

Gotta say that the last year didnt show Nosgoth's makers (dev&publisher) strenght in taking the viewing point of new player, or how cater them well.

23rd Jan 2015, 12:41
Well, I've never used runestones to buy perks/skills/weapon, and I've played totally fine with gold, without any frustation.

That's because the default equipment, with some training, it's useful like that. Perks are useful only when you have a clear idea of your style of playing a certain class. An example, I've noticed that Immolation and the sprint speed perk are very good indeed putted togheter.

If you don't want to pay nothing for this game, you work fine anyway.

23rd Jan 2015, 13:11
Coming from someone who was in your position during closed beta while many others had unlocked most things, I can sympathize with your frustration, however if you enjoy the game you can get past it, and there is no need to spend any real money on skills or perks. Most of the default stuff is actually pretty good.

My advice would be not to stress about the perks, they really aren't a huge deal and you can use the daily ones. They are very expensive gold wise, this would be better spent on buying some skills/weapons you want.

Also consider the 7 day items if you really want something. I hated the idea of these when I started but it's actually not a terrible way to try stuff out when you are low on gold. However if not having all the skills straight away doesn't bother you then it's best to just save and buy them for gold.

You can find weapons and primary skills as drops after games from time to time.

Lastly if you did consider spending any actual money on the game, I would go for the gold booster. It is a good free game, and that small amount of money contributes to development and will help you enjoy the game more, since you won't feel so short on gold.

23rd Jan 2015, 13:30
You just have to play and you will earn more than enough money. Also, the basic abilities are good and you can easily win with them. Same for the perks..you just need a pair of them but they don't change your gameplay at your level. I think that the progression needs to be..a progression and you have to play and play to have the items you need. Its challenging!
Also, you never want to try a perk, ability for 7 days imo. Just try the free daily perk and save your money to buy permanent items.

I can tell you that after many hours you will not know how to spend money.. I bought all the ingame items and perks and a lot of items from special occasions (ghost or frosty items) and I still have more than 40k. And many other players are in my situation.

23rd Jan 2015, 13:42
Rent perks or use Daily ones until you have all the skills/weapons you want. They are too expensive and offer too little benefit for dumping 2,400 on them when you have so much more valuable things to buy. Weapons and skills which are roughly half the price of perks, should only take about 10 games +/- depending if you're after a primary or 2nd/3rd ability.

However standard weapons and abilities will serve you just fine. Developers aim to have loadout choices, not upgrades.

Cant wait for people to jump in and justify that everything is fine... like with feedback like yours over the last months.

Gotta say that the last year didnt show Nosgoth's makers (dev&publisher) strenght in taking the viewing point of new player, or how cater them well.

I honestly think it is fine. I don't think you should feel like you're rolling in dough just after playing for a couple of hours. Plus you get free weapons from drops and promotion bags. I wouldn't be against a drop in prices but nothing significant. And again its not a huge issue since renting allows you to try each ability for virtually nothing. I know when I was new I rented all the abilities, eventually, that I thought looked/sounded cool. By time the 7 days were up, I had enough to perma buy them if I decided to.

23rd Jan 2015, 14:54
I'm currently sitting on like, 8k spare gold after buying all the abilities I want permanently. Perks? Have a permanent fleet footed on all my humans; don't care much for vampire perks. The weapons I use? Have handfuls of "uncanny" weapons that I loot after matches that I use so I'm never buying new weapons. If I find one that has pretty good stats (like my blue swiftbow) then i'll recharge it from time to time which already doesn't cost that much. My vampire primary abilities are all mysterious except my Tyrant which I don't use and I just buy the vampire abilities I like to use for 240? Gold every week. They're really super cheap and you should only ever buy things permanently if you really enjoy using it or use it a lot.

Honestly, I would like it if there were more things to spend gold on.. Or even just salvaging/deconstructing all these spare weapons I don't need.

23rd Jan 2015, 15:33
Cant wait for people to jump in and justify that everything is fine... like with feedback like yours over the last months.

K then, here it comes!

I absolutely disagree you need to buy runestones to purchase items. I don't know anyone who did. It'd be really pointless.

OP, here's what you do:

1. play the default loadouts. They are just fine. You can play default hunter, reaver, tyrant indefinitely.
2. find out what abilities do and make a decision which you want to try first
3. rent that item/items; "I don't wanna, it doesn't feel satisfying" is not a valid argument
4. by the time your rented abilities run out, you will know which ones you actually need and you'll be able to buy them permanently (it's only 1350/1500 gold)

Here's my personal list of things that are not in default loadouts, but I wouldn't play a class without them

light bomb (alchemist)
infect (deceiver)
heavy pistols (prophet)
and that's pretty much it.

Maybe choking haze too. Other than that I'd play default loadouts all day long.

Perks. I guess permanent perks could be a little bit cheaper, but considering the fact that there are only about 4 perks in total that you actually need, and that there are daily perks so that you never have an empty slot, I don't really see a problem here either. Check the forum for perks recommendations. Again, you can rent the first few ones before you buy them permanently.

23rd Jan 2015, 16:15
If you really like the game and play for a couple of hours a day, you will get most stuff permanently before you reach lvl 40.
Don't buy perma perks for now, wait untill you get all the good abilities.
Most Perks make difference in very high skill lobbies, for example an extra 5% health (Vigor) will require a vampire 1 extra hit on you = 1 second for you to fight back. I don't think it would matter to you untill you have like 300h of playtime.
Tinkerer, Dead eye, Bloodlust are useful to anyone, just get one of theese for a week (120 gold or something = 1-2 games)
Don't buy weapons or main abilities for vamps , you will get them permenantly from lvl up drops (on lvl 5,10,15,20 of your character) and after-game random drops.
Most classes work very well with standard loadouts.

23rd Jan 2015, 16:21
gold gain is totally fine. A 1350 permanent item, is 27 matches, or 9 hours of play time, assuming you lose every match, and do literally 0 damage. It becomes substantially shorter when you add in bonus gold from score, any boosters, and the fact that you are going to win games (75/win) in that 9 hour period. 1500 is another 3 games to that first assumption. That feels much more than fair to me personally.

23rd Jan 2015, 16:26
When i started to play i think the same. But, i'm lv40 now, and have all the needed equipments / perks. Well I buyed 7 days stuffs when not had the full price. Its 300 gold aka 3-4 match / 7 days. it's not much... well acutally it's better if u learn to play with current skills, and buy something if u r better... 1500 gold is not much gold too. I have 30k now, but not buyd all of the equipments.

23rd Jan 2015, 16:35
I've seen a lot of people complain about how slow gold acquisition is in this game and how unfair it is. When I started playing, it felt just fine to me. Unlocking items takes time, and I think it's not too bad in this game at all. To tell the truth, to me the experience of slowly building the loadout felt extremely satisfying when I first picked up the game.

I understand that sometimes you see people running with all sorts of skills and you feel like you need the same ones to be able to play at the same level, but the irony is that a very large number of default skills are some of the best. I have spent money on this game just because I love it, and none of it was for "progression". Never ever have this game made me feel that I had to spend to progress or that the rate of getting gold was so slow that it pushed me towards it.

Perks? I never aimed at getting them when I was new to the game, because I never thought that they were such absolute necessity. They do have some impact for sure, but while leveling it isn't a big deal at all. I haven't bothered buying those permanently pretty much until I was level 40.

23rd Jan 2015, 23:23
From another Perspective:

I got 63-64K of Gold and i bought nearly all the Stuff Permanent.
Thats for all classes with Gold.
When i started the Game Gold was also Hard to earn for me because i did only Buy Permanents, but believe me,
gold comes with the Time.
What else ?
Perks took a little longer than Weapons for me, i just took the Daylie´s..
I did spend some Runestones for SKINS, thou...

I also did play the Standart Layouts they are very good, we never had 7 Days stuff in the beginning for free.
So dont worry.It´s okay.

The Stuff depend´s on How you want to play this Game.
Or you just want to be effective, for me that would be boring ;)

Soon i reach 10 Days of ingame Time, im still having fun.