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23rd Jan 2015, 09:10

I am a very new player to Nosgoth and so far I had great fun playing the game (read getting my ass kicked!) regardless I have just one question. I'm aware that I probably wont get an official answer but perhaps someone in the community knows why.

I've played practically all of the Legacy of Kain games and I love how they've reproduced the human hunters. The vampires are also great in terms of Raziel's and Zephon's clans. The question I have is regarding the Sentinels and Tyrants. Given the look and evolution of both Dumah and Turel, at least in my opinion, it would make more sense that the Tyrants were descendants of Dumah who evolved into a fully armored giant and the sentinels to be descendants on Turel who eveolved into more of a demon rabbit like monster. Any ideas what the thought process was behind this?

23rd Jan 2015, 09:53
Incorrect, Dumahim were the short, bald creatures in SR1 and Turelim were the tallest, strongest ones.

23rd Jan 2015, 10:18
This is what Turel's and Dumah's original designer said about the hight ratios when I asked him.

Q: Can you say what the official height ratios for Raziel to SR1 Dumah to deleted SR1 Turel to Defiance Turel (if he could stand up) is, because there's been a lot of disagreement on that. – Vampmaster

DCab: Well since deleted Turel never really went into production, its hard to say. I know we planned on him being wider but more hunched over. So fully upright he might be say half a head taller than Dumah, but since he would be hunched over most of the time, he'd actually be shorter by stance. We made LoK: Defiance Turel much bigger. Raziel is roughly the size of Defiance Turel's face, so if he could stand up, Turel would be taller than Dumah. Dumah is roughly four times Raziel's height (his face is about Raziel's torso and thigh area high).


Also, this was the Dumahim vampire:
This was the Dumahim:
This was the Tomb Guardian, who was one of his clan members, but not not Turel himself:

And the sizes of Turel and Dumah themselves:

As you can see from these pictures, Dumah is twice the size of Raziel and Turel is three or four times the size of Raziel.

The Turelim are also the ones described in the Soul Reaver manual as:
"The most powerful vampires in
Nosgoth are the Turelim.
These huge beasts are extremely
fast and strong, with highly sensitive
hearing. Turel has replaced Raziel as
Kain’s second in command."

23rd Jan 2015, 10:46
Incorrect, Dumahim were the short, bald creatures in SR1 and Turelim were the tallest, strongest ones.

Well yes the Dumahim were stubby and short but I mean they were already devolved entirely at that point. I was thinking more in terms of the body structure and movement. Turel just seemed more agile than Dumah was but then I guess he did charge more at Raziel than Dumah did. Still thanks for taking the time to answer I appreciate it! :)

Yeah, as I mentioned above I was thinking more in terms of body structure and movement. Turel just seemed more agile than Dumah who became, by his own admission, as strong and difficult to kill (similar to the ability of Tyrants). Having said that I guess Turel did have more of a charging attack than Dumah who went for the constrict but still Dumah was the one with the ground stomp if I am not very much mistaken. Still thanks for taking the time to answer and to link all the pictures/info really kind! Highly appreciate it! :)