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23rd Jan 2015, 05:54
Saw this featured on twitch and looked into the game a little and loved what I saw, did a little more digging and watched a couple streamers and it was an easy instant download, I did the tutorials I watched all the videos on the classes and already been a long time supporter of Square Enix I had little hesitation buying $40 worth of runestones before even playing my first game.

So I pick a couple classes on each faction that I think I might like and pimp them out and buy a bonus. Play some games having fun, gain a few levels, and bam I get a treasure chest! Awesome! Oh wait it just gave me a duplicate of an item I bought half an hour earlier???? And apparently all I can do with it is delete it?

I'm going to keep playing and i'm sure i'll reload my runestones but this seems like kind of a kick in the dick, at least be able to sell duplicates back for half credit or something....i'm a few hours old and didn't see this on the first page so hopefully i'm not beating a dead horse.

23rd Jan 2015, 07:55
While the drops aren't identical to the bought items (they usually have modified stats), it's probably better to spend your runestones on skins and boosters. You'll earn gold fast enough just from playing as normal and thr drops are relatively frequent apart from the ones with the special visual effects.

23rd Jan 2015, 08:33
What vamp said plus: Dont delete your stuff, you will likely miss it when they introduce the weapon crafting.

23rd Jan 2015, 09:02
Especially since you get gold so easily, just buy them permanent with that