View Full Version : Possible Improvements to Nosgoth Friend Referral

22nd Jan 2015, 21:17
Hello, I am Twindomination, and have been playing Nosgoth since Fall of 2014. I recently tried to refer some friends to play Nosgoth now that it is in Open Beta, and I have two issues with it. I am not slamming the friend referral system, I think it is great that players can get rewards for inviting friends into the game, I just have two suggestions.
1) Make the e-mail button to get the link go to a page within the Nosgoth website. Instead of having to open up a new tab and find the bitly link at the end of a very long URL, it would make things easier if clicking on the e-mail button would just open up a Nosgoth page with the link and some text. The link works, getting to it could be easier.
2) Lower the level requirement that the players who are referred need to reach before whoever referred them gets a reward. Now, I know that the system can't be "Have a friend make a Nosgoth account and you get in-game currency", but having a new player need to reach level 20 before you get any reward seems like too long of a wait. With a 50% XP boost, it took me and my brother several months to get to Lv. 20, and the new players most likely would not have that, so it could take them a year to get to Lv. 20. They might not even reach Lv. 20, depending on how much they play. I think that lowering the level needed to 15 would be better, because that is when the players cannot play on the newbie servers anymore.
I hope this helps, keep making an awesome game Psyonix and Square Enix!

22nd Jan 2015, 21:54
The referral system is horrible ... the # of referrals to get decent awards should be drastically reduced and the level requirement should be cut in half.

22nd Jan 2015, 22:46
Do it like the 6 degrees of Schafer trophy from Brutal Legend. Friend of a friend of a friend... up to a certain number of degrees and the skin unlocks.