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22nd Jan 2015, 15:34
Curtain Call Gameplay Changes

Yo, Name's Vapor. I'm a fan of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and I like seeing ways that a game can be improved after it's release.

So Theatrhythm Curtain Call is the last of Final Fantasy in Theatrhythm, but Square are continuing to release DLC. Some are hit, but most is missing a LOT.

I've come up with my thoughts and ideas for major changes after its release, like changing character Stats and Abilities, and even adding new abilities, and also background changes to some songs.

What are your suggestions?

I'll continue to post regularly and give my ideas and suggestions.

Peace out.

22nd Jan 2015, 16:29

Not many people are happy with the fact there were two versions of a playable character (Lightning, Tifa, Cloud). So to remedy this, each character should be given a new costume as bonus unlockable for achieving certain quests. Costumes may give certain boosts or reductions to stats, but their ultimately an aesthetic bonus for fun. Here are a few examples below:

Warrior of Light - NES Sprite, unlocked by getting a Perfect CRITICAL on all Final Fantasy tracks from the NES era.
Rydia - Adult Summoner, put the game in Sleep mode for 10 collective hours.
Snow - Cactuar l'Cie (XIII-2 attire), encounter and defeat the Jumbo Cactuar/Gigantuar enemy 13 times.

What do you guys think?

26th Jan 2015, 12:51
Costumes Part 1 - Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy VII

Wassup! It's only been a few days, but I've come up with costumes for most of the characters in the game. I'm starting with the first seven games in the series, so that way it'll be easier to track and reference.

So without further ado, here's to how get 'em:

Warrior of Light - NES Knight Sprite - Get all CRITICAL on every NES "Final Fantasy (1)" Songs.
Princess Sarah - Sweet Sixteen (Origins Sprite) - Summon the Knights of the Round 99 Times.
Firion - Casual Rebel (Origins FMV Attire) - Use Limit Breaks 120 Times.
Minwu - Dragon Treasure (FFII Novel Art) - Complete 50 Songs with a party of Cid Haze, Galuf, Barret, Jecht, or Orlandeau
Onion Knight - Slasher (Dissidia 012 costume) - Use the Added Cut ability 6 times in one battle.
Cid Haze - Highwind (Cid from FFVII) - Complete 10 Songs with a party of Cid Haze, Squall, Aerith and Yuffie
Cecil - Dark Knight - Available from the beginning.
Rydia - Feymarch (Adult Summoner) - Put the 3DS in Sleep Mode for 10 collective hours or summon Leviathan 99 Times.
Kain - Holy Dragoon - Get all CRITICAL on all "Final Fantasy IV" Songs.
Edge - Cloak of Flame (Rubicante's Attire) - Defeat Rubicante 44 times on any Score.
Rosa - White Mage (Original Design) - Use the Full-Cure ability once.
Bartz - Monk Sprite - Use the Brawler ability 30 times in battle. Gladiator Sprite - Defeat all enemies from "Final Fantasy V".
Faris - Mime Sprite - Use Mimic 10 times on any Ultimate Score.
Lenna - Dancer Sprite - Complete all Event Music Sequence on Ultimate Score.
Galuf - Samurai Sprite - Hit enemies with all Counter hits.
Krile - Mystic Knight Sprite - Complete all "Final Fantasy V" Songs on any Score.
Terra - Trance Form - Available from the beginning.
Locke - Gestahl Cadet - Steal from 10 "Soldier" Type enemies.
Celes - Maria (Opera Attire) - Complete "Celes' Theme" on any Score
Edgar - "Gerad" (Alias Attire) - Use Probability Type Abilities 50 times.
Cloud - Cloudy Wolf (AC Attire) - Available from the beginning.
"Miss Cloud" (Crossdressing Attire) - Unlock all Peach Shard characters.
Aerith - Summer Dress (Crisis Core Attire) - Get a SSS Rank on all variations of Aerith's Theme on any Score.
Tifa - Leather Suit (AC Attire) - available from the beginning.
Nibelheim Guide - Complete any Field Music Sequence 7 times with a party of Tifa, Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth.
Barret - Sailor Suit (Cargo Attire) - Get all CRITICAL on the song "Voyager" on any Score.
Yuffie - Junon Reporter - Use the Escape ability 7 times.
Vincent - Turks Valentine (Turk Attire) - Defeat Reno 27 times.
Sephiroth - Executioner (Final Battle Attire) - Use Omnislash against Safer Sephiroth.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask any in the comments.

26th Jan 2015, 16:32
Costumes Part 2 - Final Fantasy VIII to Spin-offs (WARNING: SPOILERS)

I decided to finish it with this part as its not really talking much about gameplay changes :lmao:, so after this, I'll get on with my full depth analysis of gameplay. Characters I didn't list was because I couldn't think of anything. Well, Enjoy!

Squall - SeeD Uniform - Complete one of each Quest Medley Maps.
Seifer - Revolutionary (Disc 3 Attire) - Complete all Final Dungeon and Boss Battle themes.
Rinoa - Heavenly Feather (Dress Attire) - Obtain a SSS Rank on Waltz for the Moon, The Oath, and Ending Theme (FFVIII).
Laguna - Galbadian Soldier - Available from the start. President - Get an ALL CRITICAL on "The Man with the Machine Gun".
Zidane - Trance Form - Available from the start. Knight of Pluto - Complete 9 songs with a party of either Warrior of Light, Firion, Onion Knight, Cecil, Kain, Celes, Squall, Seifer, Laguna, Benjamin, Ramza or Agrias.
Vivi - Mr. 288 - Complete "Melodies of Life" on any Score.
Garnet - Resolve (Cut Hair) - Use all Summons.
Eiko - Mog (Original Design) - Meet 9 Moogles and Summon Alexander.
Tidus - Hoodie Up (Original Design) - Defeat Braska's Final Aeon and unlock Jecht.
Yuna - Wedding Dress - Summon Valefor.
Auron - Guardian of Braska (not his Kingdom Hearts II Attire) - Complete any "Final Fantasy X" Song with a party of Auron, Jecht, Yuna and Tidus.
Jecht - Abes Uni - Get a SSS Rank on "Otherworld".
Shantotto - Wedding Dress - Summon Diabolos.
Prishe - Magna Top - Summon Leviathan 10 times.
Aphmau - Nashmeira - Complete "Ragnarok" on any Score.
Lilsette - Lady Lilith (Original Design) - Use the Soul Voice ability 11 times.
Vaan - Pirate's Garb (from Dissidia 012) - Get a SSS Rank on all "Final Fantasy XII" Songs.
Ashe - Mourning Gown - Defeat the Undying.
Balthier - Judge Bunansa (Original Design) - Ride on all Airships
Fran - Casual Attire (FFXII Art) - Complete all "Final Fantasy XII" Songs.
Lightning - The Saviour (Lightning Returns) - Complete "Saviour of Souls".
Snow - Cactuar l'Cie (XIII-2 Attire) - Defeat Jumbo Cactuar/Gigantuar 13 times or Summon Shiva.
Hope - Alpha Leader (XIII-2 Attire) - Complete "Historia Crux" on any Score.
Vanille - Purge Robe - Complete all Songs within the Hanging Edge.
Benjamin - Mystic Quest (North America Boxart) - Complete 5 Songs on any Score with Benjamin.
Ramza - Lugria (Heretic Attire) - Complete all "Final Fantasy Tactics" Songs on any Score.
Zack - Beach Trunks - Play 25 Songs on any Score with Zack.
Ace - Formal Uniform - Available from the beginning.
Machina - Byakko l'Cie - Summon Diabolos 13 times.
Rem - Summer Dress - Available from the beginning.
Serah - Style & Steel - Available from the beginning.
Noel - Battle Attire - Complete all "Final Fantasy XIII-2" Battle Songs.

Whew! I'm pooped. Just realized how long it's been. I'm getting everything done as quickly as possible. I'll post the next gameplay changes topic when it's ready.

25th Feb 2015, 13:50
get a job @se i like your ideas :)

27th Feb 2015, 12:47
Official Gameplay Changes: General, Items, and Modes

Okie dokie peoples...it's been a while since I posted anything, but what I list here are several things that came from both the top of my head, and others that should've been integrated in the first place. Who knows, with the New Nintendo 3DS out now, anything is possible. So, lets begin:


More enemies from the entire series and each installment have been added, from the common Ochu, Chimera, and Mindflayer to each main game specific enemies, including Adel (FFVIII), Garland (FF), and Dr. Cid (FFXII).

Several Battle Music Sequence and Field Music Sequence backgrounds have been updated for series specific songs to incorporate their game specific location, while some FMS and BMS have been swapped around. Examples include:
*Alexandria - Vivi's Theme (FFIX)
*Zanarkand Dome (where Yunalesca was fought) - Challenge (FFX)
*Sector 5 Church - A Flower Blooming in the Slums (Crisis Core)
*Falcon Airship - Searching For Friends (FFVI)
*The Strahl flying past Sky Fortress Bahamut (From BMS to FMS) - Ending Movie (FFXII)
*Lunatic Pandora (where Adel was fought) - Force Your Way (FFVIII)

Characters have been resized to match their original appearance Eg: Rydia, is as small as Shantotto now.

Characters are more expressive on both Field and Battle, rather than just before the beginning of a sequence.

Songs now increase in length the harder the score is.

The Stamina Stat has been renamed "Vitality".

All characters Level up to 100. Because of this, characters now have 22 abilities as opposed to 21 at their Max Level. Since characters begin with 2 abilities, and gain another ability beginning from Level 5, and then 5 levels onward, they will receive their last ability upon reaching Level 100.


A number of items have had their functions altered, with the addition of new items.
The player can now equip 3 items at a time, but only one of each category:
*Offense - one slot for damage dealing items, like Grenades and Summon Stones.
*Defense - one slot for healing and stat boosting, Potions and Tonics
*Other - one slot for Probability and Scrolls Items.

New Items featured include:
*Grenade - Activated 1/8 through the stage. Deals Minor damage to the enemy.
*Three Stars - Increases the chance for more Critical Triggers.
*Chocobo's Magicite - Guarantees that you'll summon Chocobo upon a successful Feature Drive

New Modes

A new Adventure Mode that allows players to play the songs of each represented series in chronological order, with the addition of story choices that unlocks more Enemies, Characters, and CollectaCards.

27th Feb 2015, 15:20
Gameplay Changes: Summons
Oh Yeah! The moment I've been working seriously hard on! Deep down, I still felt some characters, with their Summon and Abilities, that they still weren't accurate or true to their original source game, and I won't specify as to who or what my favourite characters or game are, though its pretty obvious from my username...

So my homies...let's start with the overlooked gemstones!


Five new Summons have been added:
With these new additions, all characters have had their specific summon changed.
The Chocobo Summon is now a set summon for several characters, though it can still be summoned if you perform badly during the Feature Drive, albeit much weaker.
The Spirit Stat has a more drastic effect for Summons. If two characters with the Bahamut Summon, had both good Magic Stats but one character had a lower Spirit Stat, then that character's Bahamut will do significantly less damage overall.
The background colour for each Summon is slightly more saturated, while some of them have different colours altogether;
*Red (Ifrit - Hellfire)
*Blue (Shiva - Diamond Dust)
*Green (Ramuh - Judgement Bolt)
*Gold (Odin - Zantetsuken)
*Grey (Bahamut - Mega Flare)
*Black (Knights of the Round - Ultimate End)
*Yellow (Chocobo - Chocobo Kick)
*Brown (Titan - Gaia's Wrath)
*Turquoise (Leviathan - Tsunami)
*White (Alexander - Holy Judgement)
*Purple (Diabolos - Dark Messenger)
*Tan (Valefor - Energy Blast)
Lastly, every Summon is designated to a Power Rank, from 1 (weakest) to 5 (strongest). Summons from 3 to higher can take out several enemies in a row:
*Rank 1 - Chocobo, Valefor
*Rank 2 - Ramuh, Shiva, Ifrit,
*Rank 3 - Titan, Leviathan
*Rank 4 - Odin, Alexander, Diabolos,
*Rank 5 - Bahamut, Knights of the Round

23rd Mar 2015, 14:14
Curtain Call Gameplay Changes: Abilities

Onwards to Abilities. I thought that some abilities and their effects were kinda pointless, I mean, only once per battle? That's not fair for people new to both RPG and Rhythm Genres, so I gave them my own personal touch, with additions to new abilities:

New Reactive Abilities and Changes
New Abilities and Limit Changes

Ianuki - 20% chance to instantly eliminate enemies. Activates after every 100-chain in battle, and damage is in proportion to Luck.
Focus - Now activates by Slide Triggers only.
Brawler and Chi Blast now functions similarly to Focus, activated by Touch Triggers and Hold Triggers respectively, thus making them more useful.
Aerora, Aeroga - Activated through Touch and Slide Triggers.
Quake, Quakera, Quakega - Activated through Slide and Hold Triggers.
Water, Watera, Waterga - Activated through Hold and Touch Triggers.
Level 5 Flare has been replaced by Flare, which activates after every 80-chain in battle.
Several characters now have 2 Limits, and other characters gain a Limit Break.
For Limits, HP is now used for several Limit Breaks.
Oversoul - Warrior of Light's EX Burst from Dissidia. Damage is in proportion to HP, Strength, and Spirit.
Fervid Blazer - Firion's EX Burst from Dissidia. Damage is in proportion to Strength, Magic, and Agility.
Spellbook - Onion Knight's other EX Burst from Dissidia. Damage is in proportion to Magic and Spirit.
Riot Blade - Terra's Desperation Attack. Damage is in proportion to Magic.
Spinning Edge - Celes' Desperation Attack. Damage is in proportion to Magic, Agility and Level.
Omnislash - Damage is now in proportion to HP and Strength.
FInal Heaven - Damage is now in proportion to Strength, Luck, and Spirit.
Super Nova - Sephiroth's signature attack. Damage is in proportion to HP and Magic.
Satan Slam - Damage is now in proportion to Magic, Luck and Level.
Renzokuken - Squall's Limit Break that he uses to activate his Gunblade finishers. Deals extra consecutive damage for every CRITICAL Triggers. Activates after 50 CRITICAL Triggers.
Bloodfest - Seifer's Limit Break that he uses during the final battle against him. Damage is in proportion to HP, Vitality, and Level.
Wishing Star - Damage is now in proportion to Magic, Agility and Luck.
Desperado - Damage is now in proportion to Strength, Luck and Level.
Grand Lethal - Damage is now in proportion to Magic and Level.
Reverse Gaia - Zidane's EX Burst from Dissidia. Damage is in proportion to Agility and Spirit.
Blitz Ace - Damage is now in proportion to Agility and Luck.
Ancient Magic has been renamed "Play Rough", Shantotto's EX Burst from Dissidia. Functions remain the same.
Maelstrom's Bolt - Ashe's Level 3 Quickening. Damage is in proportion to Magic and Spirit.
Element of Treachery - Balthier's Level 3 Quickening. Damage is in proportion to Magic and Luck.
Army of One - Damage is now in proportion to Magic, Agility and Level.
Sovereign Fist - Damage is now in proportion to HP, Strength and Vitality.
Hallowed Bolt has been removed.
Divine Ruination - A powerful Holy Knight ability exclusive to Agrias. Damage is in proportion to Strength, Magic and Spirit.
Shadowblade - A powerful Sword Saint ability exlcusive to Orlandeau. Damage is in proportion to Strength and Level.
Great Whirl - Floral Fallal's strongest attack. Damage is in proportion to Magic and Spirit.
Sword Dance - Damage is now in proportion to Strength and Vitality.
Soulshot - Damage is now in proportion to Vitality and Level.
Rush Assault - Zack's Limit Break when the DMW matches Angeal. Damage is in proportion to Strength, Agility and Level.
Meteor Shots - Damage is now in proportion to Magic, Luck , and Level.
Harmonious Force - Damage is now in proportion to Magic, Luck and Spirit.
Utter Chaos - Damage is now in proportion to HP, Strength and Magic.
Meteor Javelin - Noel's Full ATB Skill in XIII-2. Damage is in proportion to Strength and Luck.

2nd Apr 2015, 11:01
Curtain Call Gameplay Changes: Abilities (Continued)

On to Proactive abilities. I can't really go on ahead without mentioning Stats, the game changers. Statistics should have a clear opposition to another equal stat, and since there are 7 stats in-game that affects how you play (even though it really doesn't make a difference as long as you're good with rhythm), I've decided to include stat reductions to buffs. Here's an example:

Stat Opposition:

Strength vs. Magic
Agility vs. HP
Vitality vs. Spirit
Luck vs all stats

With this, a stat you buff cannot be strengthend without a debuff, keeping characters balanced.

List of Proactive abilities and Changes

Item Lore has been renamed and there are now three individual item based abilities:
Potion Lore - Restorative Items are doubled in effect.
Battle Lore - Damage based items are doubled in effect.
Enhance Lore - Stat boost items are doubled in effect.
Magic based abilities, such as Bluff, Shell and Magic Up are exclusive to BMS only.
Limit Break augments have been altered and new ones are added.
Ultima Weapon - The higher the character's HP, the more damage dealt. Exclusive to characters that have wielded the Ultima Weapon...
Angel Wing - Rinoa's Sorceress based Limit Break from Disc 3 onward. Maxes out Magic and Magic damage output increases by 5 times. For every GOOD or better Trigger, a random offensive spell is cast. Cannot use any other abilities for the rest of the stage.

2nd Apr 2015, 12:30
Curtain Call Gameplay Changes: Stats

Statistics were the most fun I had when thinking about characters.

When deciding how to balance the character as fairly as possible, I took in to consideration the HP and Stat Limit up to 255. Let's say the F rank is 1 and SSS is 9, which means that B would be the perfect balance in between as 5. Here's a table to show this:

HP Rank
Stat Rank










The seven active stats in-game are HP, Strength, Magic, Agility, Luck, Vitality and Spirit. The Stats above show that the B rank is the overall average. Let's say a character has: HP - C(4), Strength - B(5), Magic - A(6), Agility - C(4), Luck - S(7), Vitality - D(3), Spirit - D(3). The average for all numbers would be 4.57. So by increasing Vitality from D to C, and Spirit from D to B, the average is 5.

I've altered all characters Stats so that their overall average is 5 and they as balanced as possible, though the only exceptions are Princess Sarah, Sephiroth and Chaos since for some reason, it makes sense...

Any way, a new thread for characters with altered stats and abilities is on the way. Look forward to it!

21st Apr 2015, 14:05
New Nintendo 3DS Changes

I was hesitant to purchase DLC for the first Theatrhythm, since there was a high possibility that the game would be successful, and there was a sequel forthcoming.

When Curtain Call first released, I was tempted to purchase the DLC, but at the same time, the New 3DS was on the horizon, and I couldn't wait for this updated system with even more memory capacity.

So I bought that, got the DLC, and it was a happy ending.

But then I thought to myself: Something's missing.

Indeed, with so much songs and little characters. I couldn't help but feel that the game could've been...AN EXTREMELY COMPLETE RARE EXPENSIVE SOUNDTRACK WORTH EVERY PENNY FOR ANY FINAL FANTASY COLLECTOR FAN BOY GIRL ETC ETC ETC...

So I've added another post that highlights potential changes that could be exclusive to the New 3DS, as with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

Here's what I think works:

Add even more Songs and Characters from the main series.
Event Music Sequence (EMS) songs from the first game all return, in addition to a new EMS for Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Yes, I know the game sucked, but the Music IS the best thing about it. It's for a rhythm game, right?):

Opening - FF
Rebel Army - FFII
Aria, the Maiden of Water - FFIII
Theme of Love - FFIV
Home, Sweet Home - FFV
Celes's Theme - FFVI
Aerith's Theme - FFVII
Waltz for the Moon - FFVIII
Behind the Door - FFIX
Suteki Da Ne (Isn't it Wonderful?) - FFX
Opening Theme - FFXI
Theme of the Empire - FFXII
Defiers of Fate - FFXIII
Answers - FFXIV
?????? - Mystic Quest
Opening - Tactics
1000 Words - FFX-2
Moonless Starry Night - Crystal Chronicles
Advent: One-Winged Angel - Advent Children
Dreams and Honor/Succession - Crisis Core
Lux Concordiae - Dissidia 012
We Have Come - Type-0
Warrior Goddess - XIII-2
Savior of Souls - Lightning Returns

A number of these songs were better suited as EMS, so some of these songs may or may not return as an FMS or BMS. As of now, all of these games have been completed, everyone's watched the respective endings of each game, so the EMS from the more recent titles have been updated to reflect this.

Each music stage has it's own background, which change for the increase in difficulty, and sometimes different backgrounds for the same Score will appear. This extra change is what the most dedicated of fans will greatly appreciate.
Characters are now unlocked through Rhythmia, so having to collect every Shard *cough* Black Shards *cough* is remarkably less of a hassle. The main representative's of each installment and spin-offs are available from the beginning.
A new Mission Mode, similarly to Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, will be included, and they are required to obtain optional Crystal Shards that unlock hidden bosses and rewards.
The Series Mode from the first game also returns, and completing all of them will ensure that you receive all the main Crystal Shard colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green. Collecting those four color Shards will trigger a fight with Chaos, who upon defeat nets you the Ending.

26th Aug 2015, 15:27
Hey everyone! Been a while since I've posted anything on this forum. Recently checked on the views...over 1000!

Wow...I'm kind of internally overwhelmed in a good way...

You guys have no idea what a good feeling this is, even if it's just a 1000, it means the whole world to me, and to fans of Final Fantasy.

Thank you guys so much for the views!

Feel free to leave comments and thoughts about anything Final Fantasy.

Rock on!


P.S. What makes this all the more sweeter is that I might go to Japan by the end of the year. Awesome!!!