View Full Version : Third party aims

22nd Jan 2015, 12:05
So its been confirmed people are using these and even streaming while doing so . It is a pretty massive advantage.. my question since it would be hard to lockdown everybody who does, is there any current plans to change the meta humans to be the similar. That would be one of the only solution I could possibly see to level the playing field .

Late night post to clarify I mean third party programs to get better sights on bows , crossbow etc. An actual dead centre aim

23rd Jan 2015, 03:25
people have a tendency to vastly exaggerate the effect of changing a crosshair. It isn't a big deal. If they aim well with it it's because they are good at aiming, not because of the crosshair.

23rd Jan 2015, 08:26
This has been allowed by devs explicitly and it is a good move while the ingame options arent suffient yet (like [dominate mind]).