View Full Version : **Nosgoth Is Now Online - Update Completed!**

21st Jan 2015, 16:50
Hi everyone,

Nosgoth is currently offline while we get our new patch out, and get the servers online. I'll post an update here once that's completed and we're back online. Thanks for your patience, everyone! I know you're all very eager to get back in after a 2 day break :)

21st Jan 2015, 17:44
We're coming back online now, thanks everyone.

If you do experience any issues connecting to matches, please let us know which lobby number you are in, so we can track it down!

21st Jan 2015, 18:19
We're looking into issues affecting some servers, if you have any problems connecting, please report the server ID shown in the lobby (EU 123456 etc). Thanks guys!