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21st Jan 2015, 15:36
Hi everyone!

I am very pleased to present to you: our Open Beta Launch Trailer. To create this trailer we drafted in some of our amazing community members, making an honest trailer that's focused on real gameplay. Sit back, and enjoy :)


21st Jan 2015, 15:38
:eek: Please say your gonna join in on some fights to celebrate Cat =D

21st Jan 2015, 15:51
Absolutely, you know me :)
Can't wait to get back on!

(I'll be squeezing in a few games between everything else that needs to be done)

21st Jan 2015, 15:58
Awesome! :D I'm glad you got the evolved skins and clan symbols and mentions of Kain in as those would hopefully be recognizable to Soul Reaver fans, however like I mentioned previously I would have included a few shots of the Fane to show that Raziel is acknowledged my means of the statue and to show that the culture has been preserved via the similar type of architecture to that which was in SR1. You managed to get some good action shots too.

21st Jan 2015, 16:04
New trailer is awesome, you guys at Square/Psyonix definitely know how to make this game look good. Now make sure everyone sees it!

P.S. Such good work as prophet Cat.

21st Jan 2015, 16:10
-heavy breathing-

21st Jan 2015, 16:17
This looks awesome, very nice trailer with very familiar players...:D

21st Jan 2015, 16:28
This is me right now


21st Jan 2015, 16:40
Great trailer! Feels good to see some familiar faces in there :)

21st Jan 2015, 16:43
Really good trailer :) Nice job :thumb:

21st Jan 2015, 16:46
This trailer was super fun to be a part of, and I'm happy that I got invited. Thank you so much Cat for your hard work!

21st Jan 2015, 17:13
nice one! love Nosgoth :D

21st Jan 2015, 18:05
really liked that trailer!

21st Jan 2015, 20:45
Thanks for all the feedback, guys! Glad to hear you're all liking the trailer :)