View Full Version : Nosgoth Dev Stream This Friday (January 23)

21st Jan 2015, 15:12
<p><strong><a href="http://www.twitch.tv/nosgoth">The Nosgoth Developer Stream is back</a></strong> <strong>this Friday, January 23 on Twitch at 11:30am Pacific/ 2:30pm Eastern/ 7:30pm GMT!</strong></p>

<p>In our next show, <strong>we'll celebrate the launch of our Open Beta</strong> with Psyonix Game Director Corey Davis, Art Lead Eric Majka, Community and Marketing Director Jeremy Dunham, and QA Lead Mark Lozano.</p>

<p>As part of the festivities, we'll also take a closer look at the upcoming &quot;Summoner&quot; Vampire Class (in addition to announcing her release window), unveil the new Human Class currently in the works, and show some tidbits from our next map, The Crucible! As always, we'll also being playing Nosgoth against YOU, our dedicated community and answer your questions throughout the broadcast.</p>

<p>Here's our planned agenda...</p>

<li>Open Beta launch celebration</li>
<li>Nosgoth overview for new players</li>
<li>Recap of Nosgoth recent news</li>
<li>Overview of our new Game Mode,&nbsp;Flashpoint</li>
<li>An early look at the next map, The Crucible</li>
<li>In-depth with the Summoner, Announce release window</li>
<li>A sneak peek at the next Human Class</li>
<li>Upcoming release plans</li>
<li>Ongoing fan Q&amp;A throughout the show</li>
<li>Call-outs to the Nosgoth community</li>

<p>We'll see you live on January 23, starting 11:30am Pacific on <strong><a href="http://www.twitch.tv/nosgoth">Twitch.tv/Nosgoth!</a></strong></p>

21st Jan 2015, 16:43
I can't even tell you how excited and hyped I am for this stream. Last one left me feeling extremely satisfied as I wasn't expecting an actual demo for the Summoner, but I got to say this time you guys are delivering a lot of pleasant surprises...

I was expecting more of the Summoner, some release plans and an overall fun time but a new map and most importantly new Human class demo? Just wow, wish the stream was today.

Here I was planning to ask Eric again whether the new Human class will have a beard... but this time I will actually be able to unveil this mystery once and for all!

21st Jan 2015, 16:54
I want a big fat beard on one for the skins! :D

Who is Mark Lozano? I thought Greg Nicols was QA lead on Psyonix? Or is this Zepho from SE?